Thursday, December 23, 2010

My crafting, nesting self

     I think I have been a little bit crazy this week with trying to get EVERYTHING done for the baby to come.  A few days this week I feel like Matt has been wishing he was back in school studying 14 hours a day!
   We have re-organized every room/closet/nook in our house, as well as cleaned it, taken 3 trips to the Goodwill and probably 50 to the dumpster!  I am starting to feel just a little bit more prepared.  Now all we have left is shampooing the carpets, spot cleaning all of the furniture, dusting, mopping, washing all the baby stuff, as well as every other item in our house, etc. etc. etc. :) 
    I do have good reason for this...I had an ultrasound today to check the babies growth.  At 36 weeks she is 7 lbs. 8 oz. and her head is measuring 39 weeks 6 days---YIKEs!  I go to the doctor Monday and hopefully we'll be having a chat about her coming a little bit early...preferably before Matt goes back to school on the 10th.  Therefore, I need to get all this stuff done so I can RELAX when she gets here (as much relaxing as you can do with a 2 year old and a newborn with your husband in his first year of law school :)
    I also have had time to make this cute bow holder, I am feeling really crafty.  I come from a very very crafty mom and family for that matter, but I never really picked up on the craftiness. I guess having a daughter has brought some of it out of me, because I have also made about 10 bows, and bought material to make many many more :) 

   Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I am giving Matt and myself the weekend off to enjoy :)  Back to work on Monday, but for now Merry Christmas!!!


etreiersen said...

Wow, you have been busy. We have a carpet cleaning machine if you want to borrow it. I was also wondering if you still wanted to borrow our bassinet or if you already have something. Let me know. I am very impressed with your crafts they look great!

Morrows said...

Chels!! Your board turned out so dang cute! LOVE IT! I hope you are doing great! Merry Christmas!

Josten and Sarah said...

Very cute!!! Good luck with all the nesting and preparing!

polli said...

Hey Dear that looks so good!I want to see it when i come.I wish i could talk to you before but my stick is so slow and always the connection is gone.So wish you all the best.Let me know the news maybe we talk before.Love and hugs.Sylke

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