Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas...a little late :)

 Colton's face seeing his Christmas...I think he was still out of it :)
 His new Basketball Hoop Santa brought him!
 Mini Toy Story Characters that were in his stocking that he LOVEs!  He even puts them to bed every night before he goes to bed...so cute!
 Inside of his BUZZ tent with all of his farm animals from "GA-GA"

 His sweet new track for cars!  From the other "Ga-Ga"  (He was definitely more spoiled from his grandparents than his parents...thank goodness for them as well as great-granparents :) 
 And here I am...almost 37 weeks.  I feel like I got really big for a while and now she has dropped so low that I am looking smaller than before...also more painful than before I think!
 They have absolutely loved the time they have had to spend together, I know Colton will be devastated when Matt starts school again and the baby comes at the same time, because he is pretty spoiled right now with our attention!
 Here they are looking good all dressed up to go out to a fancy dinner on Christmas!

 Colton had to bring his Toy Story characters in with him..as well as feeding them and giving them drinks.
    And here we are...it was an amazing dinner, definitely not one I could re-create, so I'm glad we went out!  Matt got prime rib and I had ham!  It was actually really fun to go out to dinner on Christmas day, something I have never done before! 
  I didn't take any pictures, but on Christmas Eve we had a little get together with 4 families and everyone brought their favorite appetizer and dessert and their favorite Christmas stories.  We ate, sang Christmas songs, and told stories.  It was perfect for us :)  Then we came home and got to open our Christmas Pajamas before bed! 
    I think it would have been harder having Christmas on our own if it was our first year of marriage, but this is my family now and we really enjoyed our little Christmas together :)

Now if we could just get this baby coming out before school starts!  I had another doctors appointment on Monday and she said for sure I could be induced 2 weeks from tomorrow!  But..she also said I was already dilated to a 2 and this baby might just come sooner. I  have to get a non-stress test twice a week from here on out because she is big to make sure everything is ok :)  I feel like my house is almost ready for her and we are getting so excited to have another addition to our family!


Dwight and Kristian said...

dang girl, you look great! i cannot wait to see your little princess. i just know she is going to be adorable. ps. wasn't christmas FUN this year?? i know you guys enjoyed it us much as we did. such a fun age!! :) happy holidays!

Cindy said...

creating your own traditions is fun when you can't be with your family. hope your little girl comes soon and safe.

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