Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beginning of the Holidays!

We have had an Awesome past couple of weekS...I'll just start of with this week.  Today, Colton and I went with some friends to see a free movie at the mall (don't know if I'll do that again, Colton lasted about 45 minutes and pretty much had no desire to watch it after that) Anyway, then they had free lunch and pictures with Santa (Colton was scared of him, but finally sat on his lap.  Then, as soon as we were walking away, he RAN back, almost got in someone else's picture, saying "Ho, Ho, Ho")  Here is the Only picture I took, Colton and Bevynn. 
 LAST night, on Colton's birthday we had a VERY small birthday party for him.  All week I debated on whether or not I needed to do one (we had one at home with him) and finally, the day before his birthday, I couldn't imagine not having a couple of his friends over to at least sing to him! 
He was excited about all of his presents, except for the 2 shirts I got for him, he literally threw them to the side and dove in for another present!

 Kardynn had to help him blow out the candles, he gets a little shy (ok A LOT shy) and would barely blow out of his mouth!
 I am CHEAP, and I got some of his plastic animals and put them on his cake...hey, he liked it!  Funny story, Colton would get SO embaressed anytime anyone would sing Happy Birthday to him.  The morning of his birthday, I sang it to him, and he buried his face in the couch.  THEN, we went swimming with Kardynn and Alyssa, we sang it to him while walking into the pool, and he stuck is tounge out and put his head down, at the pool, we always sing Happy Birthday to the fish in our class, this time we sang it to Colton, once again buried his face...anyway, this must have happened 15 times!  Every time he had the same reaction.  I don't know why he is such a shy little boy!!
 Colton and Kardynn hanging out.  I love that they have so much fun together!  That's the first thing he said after we had been in Utah/Pocatello for a week was Kar-Kar?
 Playing around with Dad on his birthday!
 I just had to throw this picture in...this is my Belly at almost 34 weeks pregnant--it is bigger than what I was with Colton, but I think I just thought I was way bigger because I popped out faster--it is starting to even out, but I definitely am still bigger--and still have 6 weeks to go!  Oh..and I went really dark with my hair (kind of on accident, it's ok, but I think I prefer blonde :) ) for the awesome part!  We got to go see our family for the first time in almost 4 months for 10 dayss!!!! (ok...2 were basically driving days)  ANyway, we had so so much fun.  I think it was a nice break for Matt, even though he got a lot of studying done, and I loved seeing Colton with his family!!  The unfortunate thing is...I took 0 pictures!!  My mom did take a few at a birthday party we had for Colton with Matt's family...Here is my dad and Colty opening presents!
 Matt's mom got him this horse that also makes fun!!  We are so lucky to have such awesome parents and families!  He got some FUN gifts...and it's crazy how much of a difference it has been this week coming home, he never wants to leave the house!  Definitely good for a new baby coming...things to keep him entertained!  Thanks family, we love you!!
 Colton with his great-grandpa...he was scared of him at first, but once my grandpa offered to read him books, he would have sat on his lap all day!
 Here is Colty eating his chocolate brownies (I decided Brownies are always better than cake!!!)

I was also able to have a baby shower while we were there.  Matt's extended family and mine were invited, and it was So great to see everyone!  I also got some GREat stuff!!  I didn't think I was even going to have a shower, and beginning to panic that this little girl was going to be wearing ALL of Colton's old clothes, so it was wonderful to have such an awesome family to have a shower for mE!  I will have to post some pictures of all the fun stuff I got!  I have probably looked at it all 100 times since we got back! 
Overall, it has been a great month!  I am SO looking forward to 2 weeks from now when Matt is done with school and we can spend 3 weeks together!  He has worked so hard this semester and I really hope that it pays off in the end! 


Dwight and Kristian said...

i can't believe our babies are 2. it's crazy to think!! :) i am glad you guys are doing well and that colton had an awesome birthday. i can't wait to see that baby girl! :)

Anna said...

Chelsey...Colton is SO cute! And you are, too. Good luck with everything ahead. Sure do miss ya!

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