Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ms. Mylee

I feel like I have written a lot about things we have been doing and that it has been a little difficult for me these first few months!  I had A TON of hormones going on the past couple of months (hopefully it's not a sign of how my sweet daughters hormones will be :))  Anyway, and the past couple of weeks, since Mylee was about 8 weeks- I am starting to feel "normal" again.  Not to mention the weather has FINALLY been nice, so going on walks and being outside makes life Wonderful!

Anyway, I need to write a little bit about this sweet girl we have been blessed with! 
She falls asleep in her swing...I love this!  I don't let her do it all the time so she gets in the habit...but if I am busy, its great!  Now...she only stays asleep for about 30 minutes--but hopefully that is just a baby phase!
I love her HAIR!  Since I have so much hair, that is naturally curly (kind of) I wanted my daughter SO BAD to have lots of hair, and kind of curly.  I definitely got what I wished for and more!
She loves taking a bath, no matter what mood she is in- if she hasn't slept, or has, if she is hungry or not, she relaxes as soon as she gets in that bath!  It's exactly how Colton was and now he loves the pool more than anything!
She will sit in a bumbo now!  Everytime I lay her down she tries to do crunches to sit up, so I got out Colton's bumbo (a little devistating at first for him, but I think he is over it) and she could sit in there forever!  I took a picture of her on my phone and Colton is trying to show her..haha.  He is slowly starting to show more interest the more interactive she is!
And my absolute favorite thing about her is her Smile :)  It lights up my day!  She is the smiliest little thing I have ever seen.  Even as she is falling asleep if I look at her and smile, she will grin from ear to ear!  She coos at me all day long and everytime I walk in the room and start talking she does an excited little giggle!  Although it's been a big adjustment for me having 2 kids...she is the sweetest little baby I could ask for :) 


Julie said...

I love your blog posts these days. I get on your blog to see if anyone else has updated, and to my surprise you have updated. I miss these babies so much, but I could look at pictures of them all day. I think I have looked at Mylee in the bumbo at least 100 times. She is so cute, and that smile of hers is contagious. Then there is Colton he is a whole other story. Grandpa has had some withdrawals this week. He is such a nice little boy. I'm so proud of the great mother you are... You are so much better than I was at your age! Keep loving on them for Grandma, and I can't wait to spend some time with them this summer. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is soooooo cute! And Colton is also the cutest boy ever. He is a good Big Brother i think. Greets from Germany, Annett!

Red & Lyss said...

I love, love, love all these pictures! She is just so cute!

The Henry's said...

She is a doll!! I agree that smile would light up my day for sure!

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