Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break!

We debated going home for Spring Break basically since Mylee was born...was it really going to be worth the 10 hours of driving both ways having to stop to feed a new baby every couple of hours??  OH YES...it was worth it!  Matt and I (and the kids) are feeling rejuvinated and ready to take on the last 2 months of the first year of Law School.  We had such a great week spending time with family and having someone to play with Colton and to hold Mylee :)  Not to mention the weather (especially in Salt Lake) was incredible!  It was in the high 60's for a couple of days!! 
We first headed to Pocatello-drove the whole 8 1/2 (took us 10) in one day.  Mylee pretty much slept the whole time and Colton read books and watched movies (couldn't have been better, UNless we had a bigger car so Matt could actually sit in the front seat and not be jammed up next to the steering wheel--but we don't need to go into that!)  My nephews (Colton's cousins) stayed at Matt's parents house waiting for us-and Colton loved them!  This is the first time he has interacted really well with them, and it was so cute!

We had a great weekend in Pocatello, Matt's older brother had a surprise 30th Birthday party- no kids came-except for ours, and Colton danced the night away.  He kept walking out to the dance floor with Matts little sister Annie and cousin, Sara, and they were both sitting down and this girl was walking by and he grabbed her hand and dragged her down to the dance floor--hilarious!  My little shy boy was not so shy that night--sadly all the pictures are on Matt's mom's camera :(

We headed to Salt Lake for a little R & R (except for Matt, who began his studying at about 9 or 10 am until 5-still not half as much time as he spends up here so that was nice)

We headed to the zoo Tuesday as it was 65 degrees and sunny :) 
Colton is making his elephant noise in this picture!  Love it


Staring at the monkeys!  (P.S. He is the one who will not allow the hood to come down, he is obsessed!)

We did a little shopping the other days, but once Thursday came around-it was all basketball.
Grandpa and Mylee, I didn't get any pictures of my dad and Colton, but they spent the entire week playing, Colton would go get my dad's hand to play with him and he never turned him down even though it was ALL day long and by the end of the week, they were best friends :)

I love this little girls hair...although it is a bit crazy, I can already pull it into 2 pony tails:)

Love when I get them together in the same picture (doesn't happen very often)


All in all, it was a great week!  I think I say this every time, but life would be SO much easier if we lived close to parents!  However, I feel like it's making me "tougher" to have to do it all alone--at least that is what I tell myself :) 


Abby said...

Chels..your kida are absolutley adorable! What a fun time in life. Im sure challenging at times, but overall just great! Im sure you are an incredible mom! It's been to long since I've seen you and hung out. Where will you be in the summer? Hopefully we can get together sometime so I can meet Mylee!! So fun! Miss you and Love you my friend!

Morrows said...

I love all your pictures. Mylee's hair is AMAZING! I couldn't put pony tails in Mae's hair until she was like 7 months old! :) Lucky you! Colton is so cute with his hood! I am glad you got to spend time with your parents! I am sure it was a much needed break for all of you!

Becky said...

Okay your daughter is gorgeous!What a pretty baby she is! You guys definitely have good lookin children. :) So glad you had a wonderful trip home.

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