Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogging in the summer...

   Is just not as fun...  I blog, yes for myself, but also for family to see and since we are so close to family-- what's the point??  I keep forgetting that I will want to look back and remember what we did this summer!
  We have been having a great time!  Colton is in heaven playing at his grandparents house in their big backyard (with a fence :)), riding on the four-wheelers, the horses, playing with kids, eating yummy food, and visiting his other grandparents (who just moved to Idaho Falls)
  Mylee is growing up so fast.  She is a squeeler and likes to make noise ALL day long!  She is still smiley as ever and if anyone looks at her, she will always give them a smile.  She giggles and she rolls around like crazy (like across the room).  I already notice how different she is than Colton was, she is always grabbing at everything she can get her hands on (including Colton, and anything that he has--oh and he just loves that ;))  

We are loving being close to family, but we miss our little Moscow life too, our friends, our apartment, our ward, and of course those green rolling hills!  We aren't ready to go back yet, but will probably be ready by the time summer is oveR!
   Matt is busy at his externship and learning a lot, researching a lot, and writing a lot--sounds like fun!! ;)  He is also doing 1-on-1 basketball lessons with some kids around here.  
   I feel like this summer is a HUGE break for me.  Colton is totally occupied playing with the kids all day, when normally I am trying to find things to entertain him with all day...going to the park, mommy and me, indoor playground, the pool, hanging out with friends, etc.  Mylee is also 1000 times easier than she was a couple of months ago when she wouldn't stay asleep during the day for more than 15 minutes. At night time, instead of Matt coming home for an hour or two and helping and then studying, I have him all night plus grandparents!!  :)  

Here are some pictures of the fun we have been up to!!

I love these 3 more than anything!

After his bath one day, he took off running.  By the time I came into the living room, this is what I found him doing :)  


Colton is finally warming up to the day care kids, after a month--haha.  

Kudter had a fun birthday party with a blow up toy, horse rides, and 4-wheeler rides

He loves swimming and we learned he can swim all by himself with a life jacket AND water wings!

I love this little girl


etreiersen said...

Thanks for updating. Your friends in Moscow still like to see what your family is up to. Looks like you guys are having a blast this this summer. I love the picture of Colton playing the piano, that is hilarious! Mylee is so pretty. She is getting big.

The Henry's said...

Okay Mylee is such a beautiful baby! Glad you guys are having a fun summer!!

Winters said...

it was so good seeing you guys also I am going to be blogging more so check us out!

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