Thursday, June 23, 2011


...I always wonder why certain things happen in life, what are we supposed to learn from it, how are we supposed to grow, who are we supposed to meet.
   I grew up moving (not a ridiculous amount)  but enough.  We moved across the country from family when I was 3 years old to Florida, 5 years later moved up to Chicago, Illinois, and 3 years after that to Atlanta, Ga.  After living in GA for 7 years, I moved back out to Utah to go to school and then Idaho.  A year after I moved to Idaho, my dad got laid off from his job, and they moved back to Utah and have lived their ever since.
   Almost a year ago, my dad lost his job in SLC.  He was very successful at his job and I could go into details about how unfair the situation was, but that is not my business.  He has looked for numerous jobs in other states, wondering if this is where their life was supposed to take them at this time.  About a month ago, they decided they needed to at least sell their house in SLC because it wasn't really helping the situation.  My grandparents at the time were talking about how they wanted to serve a mission, but didn't know if they could leave their home, their house payment, garden, yard, etc.  My parents decided that they would live in my grandparents house for them and take care of it and pay for it while they were able to serve a mission.
  My dad attends weekly meetings  to network with other people who are also looking for jobs.  The guy who runs these meetings said to my dad something along the lines of, maybe it isn't about what is best for you right now with finding a job, but maybe you are supposed to do this for your in-laws.
   I have been thinking a lot about that statement and believe that those things happen ALL the time.  Our Heavenly Father knows what is best for each and every one of us.
  My amazing parents have been praying about what to do, my brother will be a senior this next year and plays basketball and has good friends.  They didn't want to take him away from his "life" in Utah.  However, my sweet little brother has had an incredible attitude about the whole situation and has looked at it as an adventure.  What an example my parents have been to me about going with what you have been given and not complaining along the way.
  I know they will be blessed for being willing to sacrifice their home, the majority of their possessions, (yes, they have sold over half of their belongings)  and their life that they had in Utah.

     We took a few pictures on my parents' front porch for the last time.  Matt is more sentimental about that kind of thing than I am (I have lived in so many houses/apartments--  we counted and it is 23--7 since we have been married-ha)  Anyway, he kept talking about all of the memories we have had in their house...and although we have had some great memories- it was with the people, not the house!

 We went and visited them last weekend with all of their belongings packed up and said goodbye to their beautiful home!  It broke my heart for them, but I know they have good attitudes and hopefully can look at this next phase of their life as an adventure...and hopefully my dad can find a job!

  We will miss our trips to Salt Lake, but have friends there, so we will have an excuse to go back!!


theriddle said...

Hey came across your blog. I agree it is the people not the house. Life is tricky and hard but faith helps us be calm in even the most difficult and unplanned situations. Best wishes in the job market.

etreiersen said...

How sad for your parents to leave their house. What a blessing to have a free place to live while your grandparents are on a mission. It sounds like it will work out well for everyone. Hopefully your dad will find a job soon. I can't believe you have moved 23 times, WOW that is a lot.

By the way this is random, but your hair looks really cute. Did you get it cut?

Paige said...

I'm so sorry about your dad and his job! it's so hard for so many people right now. Sounds like they have the right attitude about it all but man that is tough! What does your dad do? I know it's not likely I would hear or know someone that has a connection but you never know! :)

you cut your hair! it looks so cute. you all do. miss mylee is getting so big!

Rachelle said...

SO hard to say goodbye to a place you love, but now at least they are closer to Moscow!!!!! When did you cut your hair??? I love it...miss you guys...

Lyss said...

You bet you have friends in UT! And you better come and visit!!!!

Your parents are definitely an example to me, seriously they have such a good attitude about the whole situation! I think most people could learn a lesson from them!

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