Thursday, June 9, 2011


    We have enjoyed our summer so far! Matt had a couple of weeks before he started his externship and we went to Salt Lake and did some fun things--basically went to the zoo and went shopping :) Oh, and Matt and I got to go on our first date in forever!!  It was fun finally being able to spend some time as a family! We are loving summer and staying busy!!


Paige said...

so you came and went already? bummer! I was hoping we'd all have time to get together. looks like you were able to hook up with Alyssa at least. I'm sure Colton was so happy to see his best little friend. looks like a lot of fun!

etreiersen said...

I am glad you guys are having a good summer so far. I bet Colton was happy to see Kardynn. I am sure it is nice being close to family. It is nice to have help and actually get to go on a date every once in awhile. We miss you guys. Moscow is very empty right now.

Red & Lyss said...

We miss you and would appreciate it if you would come back to Utah :)! We are glad you guys are having a good time! Kardynn misses Colton and every time we go outside she wants to know if we are going to see Colton :(! What will we do without you guys?!

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