Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiring Story

      Yesterday, after I got home from 6 hours of church (It was ward conference for all the wards and we were in charge of all of the nurseries, hence, a long day :))  The kids were taking naps, and I really should have taken a nap but I decided since I hadn't had much "ME" time I decided to get on the computer and reads some blogs and look at my new love, Pinterest. 
    Anyway, my friend posted a link to another blog on her blog and sometimes I read them, sometimes I don't have time, but I had the time today and went and read this story    (don't skip it--its a good one)

After 10 minutes of reading, tears streaming down my face, I realized how much I needed that right now.  I feel like sometimes we ALL talk to someone who is in a bad mood and think, Wow, what was wrong with her today, instead of thinking, I wonder what she needed from me today?  Anyway, I wish we could even wear signs like the story that are as simple as, "It's been a long morning!"  I guess reading that story made me realize that YES, we need to be more caring, gentle, understanding, compassionate.  So, Thanks Rachel for posting it, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!


Anonymous said...

I read the story Chelsey, and I too had tears. Sometimes we are judgmental, and we should take the time to try to help. Thanks for posting this. Love ya, Grandma

Kimberly said...

love this post. love the story and the wonderful message behind it. thanks for sharing it! Sometimes it's stories like these that make you step back & look at what you can do different in life. We can all do better! thanks again! ♥

mrs. olson said...

That was so good. Thank you for being at church for 6 hours! You're amazing.

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