Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The weather

It is not even 9 o'clock and my kids have both been in bed for an hour...Matt is studying for the first night since we got here (please don't say this continues) BUT I have peace and quiet...and time to blog :)
I know this sounds all peachy and happy but life is great right now.  I have never been like this before, but I am totally neglecting my house (ok, it is still clean for the most part)  but usually I am crazy about constantly cleaning it.  The past 3 weeks, Nope!  I had laundry that I still had not folded for 5 days...and not just a little bit, but ALL of it!  Kids toys are everywhere, Mylee's and my own clothes are all over the floor, my hair stuff is out in the bathroom, dishes in the sink (ok-tonight they are done) and I don't even care.  We are going to spend every last minute outside while the weather is absolutely perfect.  When winter comes, I can fold laundry every day, and put away clothes, and make sure the house is spotless, but for now, we are going to go on walks every chance we can, go to every park in town, Walk to every park in town, have picnics, play at the playground at our apartments, sit outside on the grass just so we can be OUTSIDE! 

Anyway, if you can't tell, we are Loving this weather!

And to go along with loving the weather, I am loving these 2 kids.  I feel like SOMETIMES it might just be easier to have 2 kids rather than 1 (besides getting out of the house, bedtime routines, feeding, etc. etc. etc.)  But, playtime is great.  They are now bathing together and it is awesome! 

As long as there are plenty of toys and Colton gets to sit by the water faucet, they are happy :)
I'm not going to lie though, this little girl is a sneak.  She chases her brother around all day trying to steal his toys...look at her now, caught in the act. 

Love this picture...her in Colton's old pajamas :)

And here we are at the park (I have been SOO bad about taking pictureS)  We have been going to a park with a big grass field and throwing the frisbee and football.  Like I said, loving this weather!

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Red & Lyss said...

I am so glad you guys are having fun! Love those sweet kids of yours! Mylee is getting so grown up I can hardly believe it! Can't wait to see you guys again!

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