Friday, February 10, 2012

Our life lately...

Colton is not the same boy he was even just a few months ago.  He is talking SOO much more, sometimes too much ;)  He has started getting really into coloring. Like obsessed.  He could sit at the table and color for hours.  He is also getting a lot braver to do naughty things.  He has always been very timid and obedient, but lately he is definitely taking on a new little personality. It is very good in some ways, but really really bad in other ways.  He has speech therapy one day a week and pre-school twice.  Since the weather is kind of nice here, we are able to go on lots of walks outside and finally to an outdoor park.  The other hours that he is not doing these things I watch a little girl who is a few months younger than him.  He is loving all of the time that he has with friends. 

A few things about Colton:
I say, "Colton, Stop it."
He says, "Mommy, You Bop it!"
I can't help but laugh.

At least 5 times a day he comes up and hugs me and says,
"Wove you, Mommy, ok"

He sets up pillows in the doorway of my bedroom, and says,
"No baby come, ok, ok, ok"

He gets on a phone and says,
"Hi Bampa Wandy. (grandpa Randy)  Ya, Ok. Ya. Ok.  Bye!"
He does this ALL the time.

I put him on time out in Mylee's room the other day and I went in about 10 minutes later to get him out.  He had knocked her dresser over and everything on it.  Broke the lamp.  Taken the humdifier apart and dumped the water out and scribbled with marker all over the desk and himself.
He has never done anything like this so I laughed, after I put him BACK in time-out in a different room.

Mylee and Colton (together)  is not always the happiest combination. 
 Colton likes his space and Mylee likes everyone else's space. 
It's really funny actually to watch their different personalities clash. 
 I feel like Colton is a little bit more like Matt and Mylee is a little bit more like me,
eventually they have to get along, right?!  I mean, Matt and I do!

I tried to put Mylee in front of a TV show, I got her a little chair next to Colton and everything.
It lasted about 2 minutes.  She smiled for the camera a few times and as soon as I was not taking her picture, she was done watching the show. 

Mylee is understanding so much more.  She is turning into a little toddler.  When she wakes up in the morning I ask her if she wants to eat, she starts yelling, Eat, Eat, rips her binky out and runs to the kitchen screaming.  She learned what her toes were as well as a bunch of other objects.  She loves me, but when we are around a couple of my friends she only wants them and will whine at their feet (I have to admit, it's kind of a nice break ;))  She is only taking one nap a day, and I love it!  I feel like 2 naps a day is so hard if you want to do anything!  She will still smile at anyone, but is starting to get a little more timid around someone who she doesn't know.  We love this little girl.

We all love when Daddy is home.  I am loving this 2nd year of Law School.  I feel like it is more like the life of Matt having a job.  He is gone from 6:30-5:15 every day and doesn't do a whole lot of studying at night or on the weekends, just every once in a while. 

This week has been long.
Mylee has had diarrhea for 10 days now.
She wakes up between 4-6 a.m. (one morning at 230) with it ALL over her.
I have to strip her down, wash her off, and by then she can't go back to sleep.
I have been going to bed at 10:00 and it is marvelous.

This week we:
Went to the indoor playplace, went to Matt's intramural basketball game, went to the indoor pool and swam, went to the Washington State University Creamery (wow), went to the church 3 mornings for bball and work-outs, went on a few walks to parks, hosted a Valentine Craft time for kids, went to our new Super Wal-mart in town (pretty exciting), went to the doctor for Mylee's diarrhea to be told there is nothing they can do, and tonight Matt and I are going on our "Valentine's Date" to see The Vow! (we'll see how much Matt enjoys it, but it was his idea)

Our time in Moscow is flying by. 
We have 3 months left. 
And then all of our wonderful friends and us are all going our separate ways.
On the plus side I found an Awesome apartment in Boise that I love! 

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mrs. olson said...

Some kids are a little more wild at 2 and some wait until they're 3. I guess we know which one Colton is :)

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