Friday, February 24, 2012

A quick trip to Seattle

I have never been to Seattle.
We have some great friends here who are from Seattle.
Long story short, they let us go home with them last weekend!

It was a blast.

Friday night after we got there, we put Mylee to bed, left the boys with Grandma and Grandpa
and went on a date!!!  We ended up going to an arcade, played mini-putt, dance dance revolution and shot hoops on a mini basketball hoop.  So fun!
Matt, Monica, and I were at the hoop for about an hour timing each other and trying to beat each others records all the while Brad was collecting a million tickets to win prizes with.

The next morning we got up...and headed out for the day!
First stop---the zoo!

The kids loved it.
The day started off cold, but it was feeling nice after a few hours.
I love this picture of Monica chasing the birds...such a fun mom :)

After spending 5-6 hours at the zoo..we drove downtown.
The kids got a quick nap while we toured by car... and then we were off again

These 2 boys had so much fun together...if you can't tell.

Gum Wall...I was the only one that would get close to it!

Mylee loved riding in the carrier, who wouldn't?!

Our great friends, Brad and Monica

The streets of Seattle

So beautiful!

Relaxing, church, then beach!

We got back from the beach and boat docks and Monica's awesome mom had made an Incredible meal.  I now know where Monica gets her cooking abilities from.
We played games all night and hung out with her awesome family, it felt like being home!

Monday we took the kids to the Children's Museum.
Mylee didn't stop moving.

Colton didn't want to leave the trains...
Finally we convinced him to check out the rest of the place...
which he Loved.

We went back to her parents house, loaded up, and took the long drive home :(

It was an awesome trip.
Her family was awesome,
they were the perfect travel partners
and we wish we could go back every weekend!


mrs. olson said...

So much fun! We haven't been to the zoo or the children's museum in a while but both are awesome! I'm glad you had a great trip!!

Lyss said...

Oh this made me miss you guys so much! Looks like so much fun, glad you got to go!

etreiersen said...

Wow, you had one packed weekend, full of fun. It's too bad we were not able to meet up with you guys. It would have been fun to see you guys. We love the Children's Museum, we have a membership and go about twice a month.

Cindy said...

so fun to go to a new place with people who know all the good places.

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