Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Our Valentine's Day started last Friday night.
Some friends came over after we put the kids to bed and we used
a gift card to go to JAMMS... we then went to the late show of The Vow.
(Loved that movie... by the way)

Yesterday, I took the kids to Matt's school to put a goodie basket on his desk...
we went to sneak out and Colton took off running back to Matt's desk
 (I guess he thought it was for him too)
And Matt came walking up, so we got to visit him too!

I took the kids to the grocery store so they could ride in the truck...
and get free sugar cookies :)

When Matt came home, I made a "red dinner"
My mom always had this tradition...but I was a slacker this year,
all we had was Spaghetti and Strawberries.
Then, a bunch of kids came over for us to babysit while there parents went out!

We put the kids to bed early and Matt made me go sit in our room and wait...
He finally brought me out and had candles all over our table with
 ingredients to make Ice-Cream Sundae's
We saw who could make the tastiest one and then he had written 30 questions
to ask each other and we saw who got the most ones right about each other.
The winner was ME.  The prize was a ITunes Gift card.
To top the night off....
he said he was not going into school at 6:30, but whatever time I woke up I could take him in!

I got to sleep in until 8!
  (Mylee has been waking up with diarrhea at 5 or 6 for 2 weeks now)
So 8 o'clock was Incredible!

I love my husband and I feel SO blessed for the amount of
time we are able to spend together this year!

And I sure do love these 2!


Monica said...

What an awesome V-day! Love the candles :). Your kids are so so cute!!

Dad said...

these two kids are so cute, Mylee sure takes some great pictures...

etreiersen said...

What a fun Valentine's Day. How nice of you and Matt to watch other people's kids so they could go out. Hope you guys had fun in Seattle. We will see you in March!

mrs. olson said...

Sleeping in is the best! I'm glad you had a good valentines day!

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