Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Spring...


Stake Easter Activity.
I was in charge, and I made what felt like
a million of this pinwheels.
Since I am so crafty (haha)
I thought they did turn out cute though!

Grandma Sari got the kids some cute outfits for Easter Sunday.
I love these 2.

For Easter Dinner, we went to the PuffPaffs.
There were 7 families and it was a Blast!

Colton LOVES their house...and their awesome couch.

My little puzzle man.
He spends at least 2 hours a day doing them.

And she is right along side,
trying to find things to destroy :)

I snuck this picture of Matt and Nate and Ashley.
We have been playing Frisbee Golf...
waaay too much.
But it is pretty dang fun.

We basically went to a park every day last week...
while the sun was shining...

And I even ventured out on a run
while pushing the kids.
Because Moscow is Beautiful.
And I only have a month left to see it!

I think I need to live in a place that has a longer spring than winter.
I am in love with the Spring!

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etreiersen said...

Your kids are so good looking. Colten, no longer looks like a toddle but like a little boy. Mylee looks older with her hair straightened too. I am glad you are enjoying Moscow in the spring. It is a pretty place.

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