Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last week

Wow. It has been a long week and a half!

It started off great.

I got this new IPhone.
Ok, it's the older version because I am cheap and it was cheaper.
I know, I feel like the most spoiled person in the world.
My phone was broke and I had an upgrade.
Matt already had a data package, so we switched that over to me
and now he gets a non-smart phone for a while. :)

So every picture on this blog is from my phone...and I wouldn't have the pictures if I didn't have my phone, because my camera is most definitely not always with me!

Matt and I started playing in the intramural
Co-Ed basketball league.
We play with some other couple friends of ours that play.
Every basket a girl scores is worth double.
So, Matt just tries to get me to shoot 3's the whole time worth 6.
I love it, it's the best kind of date we can go on in my opinion
(except that we have to bring our kids with us)

Here is the picture I snapped of Colton and him running into the gym before our game.

About once every couple of weeks,
if I don't have a lot going on that week.
I take the kids to the mall.
I let Colton RUN.
And we usually find ourselves down the toy isle...
and stay there for at least an hour!
They love it.

On Friday we decided to go penny bowling.
I have gone before, but not with Matt.
He got to come with us.
The kids LOVED it.

Oh..and did I mention we went to Ferdinand's Creamery while we were over there.
$1.00 for a big old cone of the best ice-cream I have had!
(Except for Gelato in Germany, can't compare that)

At our ward party, we had a talent show.
Matt and his little buddies from school decided to put on a show.
Matt interrupted their show told them it was terrible and needed Maracas
and joined them on stage playing the Maracas. (This was all planned)
They thought they were pretty clever.

Sunday rolled around and I was starting to get sick...
It was Beautiful outside though
so we decided to go for a walk knowing the nice weather wouldn't last long.
Well, Monday came and I woke up sicker than ever.
I seriously have not been this sick in SO long.
Fever, chills, coughing, sneezing.
Colton spent the day screaming, later to find out he
had his first ear infection of his life!
Anyway--We spent the next 3 days inside...

By Wednesday I was going crazy inside!!!
I usually am on the go for at least part of the day.
So I attempted to straighten Mylee's hair and I love it!
I think she looks like a different person!

I also trimmed the forming mullett in the back!

You think she wants to go outside???

By Thursday afternoon, we were all feeling better.
 we decided to go outside again because the SUN came out (rare)

I think her social self is pretty happy to be OUT of that tiny apartment!

Now can Spring just arrive so we can play for the last month before we leave Moscow!!!


etreiersen said...

I hope you are feeling better. Your kids are so adorable. I love the picture of Colten with his arm around Ashlyn and Jay. I can't believe Mylee held still long enough to let you straighten her hair. Rachel will barely hold still long enough for me to pull her hair back. I would be lucky if I was actually able to curl it.

etreiersen said...

We miss the penny bowling in Pullman, we did that a lot. How can you go to Pullman and not stop at Ferdinand's. They have the best tasting and cheapest ice cream ever.

Cindy said...

yay for iphone. i just gave away my real camera because all my pics come from my phone. it's so much more convienent! and yay for getting outside again after being trapped inside for so long.

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