Friday, April 27, 2012

15 months

Our family would not be the same without this little fireball.
She has SO much personality...
And so many personalities.

In general, she is such a happy little girl.
She likes to be involved in everything!

She copies every single thing that she sees.
She is saying quite a few words
baby, ball, eyes, toes, teeth, cheese, mama, dada, ga-ma, bampa, uh-oh, oww, dog, more, done, down,
uh-uh (no), poo-poo, sock, shoes, binky, blanky, Hi, Hewo, bye bye, Ba-ba, deee (drink)
She also says most of the animal sounds.
She also babbles all day, telling some kind of story with her own made up words.

She is a climber, I don't think there has been something she has not been able to climb.
She is a mover (obviously walking since 9 months old)

She is using a spoon and fork.
Basically she refuses to eat without them.

She wrestles Colton, literally, grabs him with both arms and pulls him onto the ground.
I love it!!!

After her 3 months of diarrhea all night, she has a very messed up sleeping schedule,
but is finally starting to get back on track.

She loves her little family,
she gets Soo excited to see Colton and always gives him the best kisses,
she squeals and screams Dad for 10 minutes after Matt gets home,
Basically anyone who comes to the door, she screams and squeals so much it scares them.
She says Hi to everyone she sees.

I feel like she has a million different personalities.
Every day is a new day with Mylee.
Good or bad.
I love her.

I could go on and on about her.
I will let the pictures show a little of her great personality.


mrs. olson said...

Her hair kills me! She is so cute!!

Monica said...

seriously, the cutest baby ever. Her personality just makes her cuter, always wanting to be part of the fun. Like I said before, I would have a baby right now if she was just like little smiley mylee!

The Downs Family said...

She is beautiful Chelsey! Hopefully we will get to see you guys this summer at Saris!

Tanya said...

She's a cutie, Chels! Her hair kills me! That blonde blonde hair! Love. I hope to meet your little ones some day!

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