Monday, May 7, 2012


So, I finished playing basketball in college 6 years ago.
After Colton was born I played in a tournament when he was about 3 months old.
After that, we moved to Germany, I got pregnant with Mylee, and never got a chance to play,
I never got back into the shape enough to play.
This year, one of the girls that played at ISU after me moved up here to Moscow.
She said there were a bunch of mom's who got together and played Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
I didn't start going until about October because I thought they wouldn't be competitive and it would be hard bringing both my kids.
WOW.  Was I wrong.
First day, I was DYING running up and down the court.
Now, 7 months later, after playing 4-6 hours of basketball a week, I feel amazing
and I have 15 new AWESOME friends.

We had a get together last week cause I am leaving
(And a few others throughout the summer)
I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday because of these amazing women.
They are fun, competitive, athletes with 2, 3, 4, 5 kids who show up every week!
Some of them get done nursing their babies and run on the court,
or take 4 kids to school and show up.
I love it.
I keep telling Matt I do not think I will find dedicated ladies like this just anywhere.
I will miss them all.

During Junior High Basketball season, we would even go 1 or 2 nights a week to scrimmage a 15 year old boys team.  Their coach loved it, and we loved getting a little bit more basketball in!

I posted about intramurals before, but besides Matt and I playing women's and men's intramurals
we also got to play Co-ed intramurals with some of our greatest friends.
I looked SO forward every week to going to our games.
Girls points were counted as double.  So my 3 pointers were 6 pointers!
It made Matt want to pass ME the ball instead of taking it for himself!

However, I believe Matt and I are both a little too competitive. 
During one particular game, we only had 5 of us there. 
3 girls and 2 guys.  You only had to have 2 girls on the court at a time, so the
other team had a guy guarding one of us girls.
We started off the game, and I was on-fire (I'm so humble)
Anyway, so they had a guy guard me.
He went to steal the ball while someone was passing it to me, and
literally plowed me over.  Knocked me on the ground and they didn't call anything.
He ran down the court and went up to shoot a 3 and Matt ran him straight over.
Thanks babe!  (he got under control after that)

Anyway, we ended up winning the Championship after spending 5 hours playing games that week!
It was SOO fun.
I don't feel like Matt and I will get many opportunities to play like that together,
so we enjoyed every second of it!

Those are some Main reasons I am going to miss this little town dearly!!!


mrs. olson said...

That is so fun!

Rachelle said...

And your body looks great too from all those hours of playing basketball!!!! By the way, you are so good at basketball, I was so impressed during our 'just for fun' game after RS a couple weeks ago...hope you can find girls to play with in Boise!!!

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