Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saying goodbye

We left Moscow 2 weeks ago exactly.

I didn't think I would be as sad about it as I was.
We absolutely loved our 2 years spent there.
We met some of the greatest people, had some of the hardest times, and had some of the best times.
I will always remember our experience in Moscow,
and how it helped us grow closer together as a little family.

I wish that I would have taken more pictures the last week we were there, 
but it was so busy with Matt in finals and trying to pack...

We went to the Farmers Market the week before we left...
Just to get one last feel of true Moscow

We spent a WHOLE lot of time with our friends, the PuffPaff's
at their house eating dinner, playing games, the kids running around and just talking about life.
Colty and his best buddy, Gavin.

Mylee and her little buddy (although she mainly just stole toys from her)

Colty and his other buddy Jay-Jay

My sweet friend Katie, this is the only friend I took a picture with before we left :(

Matt and his study buddies always did crazy stuff together.
They had an egg war and set up an obstacle course where they had to dodge getting eggs thrown at them, they played indoor basketball on a mini hoop and literally threw each other to the ground, so right before we left his friend called and said he had something big planned that all of them had to do before they became Lawyers.  Matt was wondering what he should wear incase it was going to be something crazy, well, he had scheduled pedicures for all of them.  So, Matt got his first pedicure with all of his law school buddies. Hilarious.

We had a ward party the night before we packed up the truck.  I was still in packing mode so I don't think I realized what was going to hit me the next day.  We had a pretty dang good ward.

Here are the kiddos the night before we loaded up the truck, I don't think they knew what was about to hit them either.

My sweet dad came and helped us pack.  
I kept telling him we would not need any help and could handle it all.
Wow, were we grateful he came up to help us.
One extra person made ALL the difference in the world.

The Sunday morning we left, Matt took off early in the truck, 
and I went to church with my friend Monica.
I had been doing so good up until this point, I think because it had been such a stressful few days I couldn't even think about what was about to happen.
Well, Sunday morning, the truck was loaded and headed to Boise, our apartment was cleaned spotless, and I was going off of very little sleep the night before...
I headed to our church building for one last meeting with my incredible ward, I sat by one of the greatest friends I have ever had, (oh, and it was Mother's Day) and cried the entire meeting.

I feel like being in Moscow changed both Matt and I, for the better.
And life will never be the way it was living in that tiny little town.

We learned that friends can truly become like family.
We learned that through prayer and our Heavenly Father and wonderful people placed in our lives, 
we can get through any situation we are placed in.

I really hope that someday our paths cross with some of these amazing people again.

But as for now, we are loving the time we get to spend with family until we head out for our next Journey!

My friend Monica, who is SUCH  an amazing story teller, summarized the way she feels about everyone leaving and I think it's Perfect, I always want to remember those feelings, so I'm posting her link here.  Enjoy!

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etreiersen said...

It is so sad to leave Moscow. Eric and I also met some of the best people ever there. Like you guys:)

How funny that Matt not only had a pedicure, but let you post a picture on your blog.

I hope you enjoy your new adventures in Boise. Eric and I lived there for 4 years and we loved it. Hopefully you do to.

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