Thursday, July 12, 2012


We left Moscow over 8 weeks ago.
Where does the time go?
The week after we got home, Matt's little sister Annie got married!
My mom was in charge of the reception, and we just got all of the pictures back
but it was Beautiful.
The whole day was perfect!

Memorial Weekend we spent visiting graves and with family!

We had a little incident with Colton.
He went outside and came back in kind of limping, with a little scrape and prick in his ankle.
It started to swell up really fast.
The ironic thing was, about a half hour before this happened, we found a rattlesnake in the backyard
When he came in he told us he got bit by the snake, most likely because we had just talked about snakes.
Anyway, by the next morning, his foot was so bruised and swollen he couldn't walk.
I gave him some benadryl, and by the evening he walked on it just a little bit.
Finally, after the 3rd day he started walking on it, but none of his shoes would fit him.
Anyway, we still don't know what happened, but it was a crazy crazy thing and I'm just going to hope that it doesn't happen again :)

A few days after Colton's "incident"
our friends, Sylke and Christian came in from Germany.
They flew into Boise, so we went to pick them up and spent a day in Boise.
This is a terrible picture, but Matt's uncle who lives there let us take a little cruise around in his car, after the kids went to bed!
It was soo fun!

They also have some little 4-wheelers for the kids to ride around in,
Colton could ride all day long I'm pretty sure.
When we live in Boise, I'm sure we will be making plenty of stops to their house
 for some 4-wheeling action.

Our day in Boise.
Touring BSU (special picture of me)

Boise Farmers Market
We also went to the Cheesecake factory in Boise which
 is most definitely my favorite restaurant!

We came back to Matt's parents house for a quick stop before we headed to SLC the next day.
Cousins on the 4-wheeler

We got to see the banner of Matt outside of Holt Arena.
Colton thought it was pretty cool.

Did a little more 4-wheeling

We then headed down to SLC, Utah for a couple of days.
Here are the kiddos running around after sitting in the car all afternoon!

I think Utah is beautiful.
The Oqquirrh mountain temple.

Daybreak homes...

We were able to go with my family, because my dad had a job interview down there,
so we all went out to eat! this place!!!

Back to the Stucki's!

We headed up to Jackson, Wyoming for the weekend, Kid Free!
It was such a fun trip!!

Bar J Wranglers Show!

We opened our MANY gifts from Sylke and Christian.
She brought the kids Deutschland outfits, love them!!!

We took Sylke on her first tube ride, she didn't want to get off!

And out to eat for our last dinner!

Also, their first rodeo!!!

The day before they left was a really exciting day, my brother Travis got back from his 2 year mission!  So, we went up to Idaho Falls to see him!!

And here he comes!!!

This girl loves some cousin attention!!

The fam back together!!

Hanging out with "Auntie Sylke" for the last time!

Travis had a special bond with Colton before he left, and Colton was Mylee's agewhen he left.  He had never met little Mylee so it was fun for him!

We were so sad to see Sylke and Christian go.  They have been such good friends to us, and we don't get to see them very often.  I hope when Matt is finished with Law school we can go to Germany and see them again!!!

I spent the rest of the week with my family in Idaho Falls.
My brother and his wife came up!

The whole gang!! 

We are headed to Boise in less than a month, crazy how fast time flies!!!


mrs. olson said...

I'm glad you guys are doing well! I miss you and thought of you as we drove through Idaho this week. Colton's foot looks crazy in those pictures! I'm glad he's ok!!

Stacy Christian said...

Loved all the pictures. Sounds like a fun and busy summer! How fun that your friends from Germany came to visit!

It is so fun to see your family siblings all grown up. Welcome home, Travis!

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