Sunday, August 19, 2012

Instagrammed Summer

I never busted out my camera once this whole summer,
but I did Snap a TON of pictures on my phone...
Here is our summer from the eye of my phone!!

Colton and his best friend/cousin Rhev

"Night Walks" with my man

He has some serious large veins...random!

Huge, terrible fire in Pocatello

Family Reunion to Bear Lake


Everyone was a little exhausted after a few days

Our little obsession, frisbee golf

4th of July Menan Parade
We played in the Menan 3-on-3 tourney earlier in the day and WON,
but I didn't take any pics, I was too nervous playing against a bunch of guys!

Fireworks in Idaho Falls, right across from the temple!

Their bedtime snack

Island Park...Matt and Annie taking the kids for a tube ride

Picking Raspberries from Grandpa's garden...with a raspberry mustache

Sylke and Christian sent Kudter, Kache, and Rhev German shirts,
so we had 5 out of the 7 grandkids take some pictures with them.
Love these kids

Grandma's beautiful backyard, playing in the water
All summer long

Trip to Provo to see our friends, The Albrechts from Germany

Up to SLC to see my grandma and grandpa on their mission

And a little swimming at the hotel...

Trip to the doctor for Colton's pink eye

Matt done with his internship, got to spend a day with the fam
So we went to the ZOO

Last time with his best buddy Rhev

Headed to our 8th home in 6 years!!

Of course...swimming at the hotel the night before we move in

Colton does NOT like haircuts, Matt's parents took him here,
and he is NOT stopped talking about his hair cut, that a "lady" did and gave him 2 suckers.
No more cutting his hair by ourselves!

Matt left to go to Moscow for a week about 2 hours after we put everything in our apartment,
the day before our 6th anniversary.
This was my sleeping partner on our anniversary, not too bad :)
Good thing Matt's parents came up with us to help, and my mom came after they left
so I only had a few days by myself!!  I love family!

A few days into moving to Boise,
these 2 our worn out from our summer.

We didn't waste much time,
found some old friends from Moscow and headed to the Zoo!

And to a different park every night!

Daddy's back...swimming time!
Check out that diaper booty!

Western Idaho State Fair!
Soo much fun! 

Here is to another AWESOME summer!
We got to spend a time of time together and with family!
Matt starts school tomorrow, 3rd and final we come!!


etreiersen said...

Wow, I can't believe Matt is starting his 3L year already. Looks like you guys have had a busy and very fun summer. I hope you enjoy Boise. Your kids are so big and so cute:)

mrs. olson said...

You have had an awesome summer! I totally miss you. I know you will love Boise!!

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