Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We are here in Boise, and although it is a Great city.
Lots of incredible parks, restaurants, shopping and people.
It is not easy to move.
Not at all, not only do you have to switch everything that pertains to anything in your life,
but you also have to Begin life again.
New activities, new friends, new friends for kids, new new new new.
 I used to LOVE new.

Well, new isn't as fun as it used to be now that I have little kids,
and I am growing up and want to have a real home.
I know that I will love this city, and be sad when we leave.
But for right now, I don't want a new life :(  

One more year and Matt will be finished with Law School.
We have been married for 6 years
Lived in 8 different homes,
5 different cities, 
2 different countries
I am about ready to stay in one place for a few years!!!

I needed to get that off my chest and now I can be happy and enjoy Boise!


etreiersen said...

You guys have moved a lot. It is hard moving and staring all over again :) One more year and then you can hopefully settle down somewhere for several years.

Best of luck this coming year! I am sure you will love Boise. Eric and I lived there for 4 years, it was a fun place to live.

mrs. olson said...

I totally understand. Right when I began to love Pullman, it was time to move. Now we'll be here for two years and it'll be new all over again. It's hard not having friends or friends for the kids. It'll be great, though. :)

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