Friday, August 31, 2012

Change of Heart

So, ok, I was being slightly dramatic (who me?)  when I said I did not enjoying moving.  This has not been the easiest move I must say, since we will only be here for 9 months, but really, we have only been here for 3 weeks!!  Anyway, I am bound and determined to cry when I leave.

I told Matt today I was changing my attitude about living in Boise.
I also told him I have absolutely loved every single place I have lived.
And I am NOT going to let Boise be any different.

I said to Colton the other day,
"I'm sad about living in Boise"
he said, "how come, mom?"
I said, "I don't have any friends here!"
He said," WHAT?  I'm your best friend, and Mylee is too!"
I just started laughing and realized I love being a mom.
So, no matter where I live, what i am doing, I have my sweet kids to do it all with!

And P.S. I do have a few friends ;)

Here is our awesome "Backyard"

Boise has Amazing parks.  Not even exaggerating, huge awesome parks, Everywhere!
Every time we go to the park, no one believes me that Mylee is not even 20 months yet.
OK, not only is she pretty dang tall (Who would have guessed that one)  and she has TONS of hair, but she is daring.  She does every single thing that Colton does (or tries to)
Even this:

We have been going on jogs at least once a day, 
sometimes I'll even talk Matt into going again at night with me.
I wish this sweet picture was my kids 100 % of the time,
but it's probably closer to 5%

At the zoo they had a butterfly encounter.
Mylee showing her attitude about the butterfly that was on my purse.

Checking out the butterflies.

We have also been playing a lot of disc golf (go figure) 
But the kids do amazing when we play.
Colton has gotten really good at throwing the frisbee so will play right along with us.
And Mylee....follows :)

Our favorite park.

I think he's a little stud.

We had some awesome visitors on sunday, the PuffPaffs!
We have missed them and would LOVE to live by them someday....someday!

I really do enjoy crafting and I love scrapbooking,
 I just sometimes feel like it's money I don't need to spend at the time.
I'm extremely cheap.
But we're also in Law School so I can be.
Anyway, moving into our new place I decided it just needed a little bit
 of spending money going on...
so here is my afternoon of crafting.
So fun!  (not the finished projects...obviously)

Another really awesome thing about Boise is the greenbelt.
There is enough entertainment that the kids don't get bored
in the stroller, it's mostly shaded, lots of people walking, running, biking
and so wonderful to run on...just praying the weather stays amazing.

ok- hope this post wasn't too overly positive.  I really needed to do that!


mrs. olson said...

That is awesome! What an awesome running trail! I am glad you're enjoying it.

Paige said...

oh chelsey! way to be positive girl! Moving is hard and it's okay to have a pity party every now and again. :) I always wanted to live by family and now that I do, it's great, BUT I miss my Moscow life dearly! It was a special place with a special feeling about it. so no wonder you're feeling a little down. Boise seems like a great place to live. That jogging path looks AMAZING! How perfect. And Rachelle lives there so take advantage of knowing at least one person in the area. i know she needs friends too. :) Don't we all!? Love ya girl!

Julie said...

I loved this post... I knew you couldn't stay down for to long! That is just not you... Love you! And those beautiful grandbabies of mine. All your pictures are so cute!

Lyss said...

So glad you are doing better! I still miss my Moscow life from time to time, it is just a special place! We miss you, and can't wait for you to live a couple of hours away!!!

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