Saturday, August 30, 2008

100 days to go!!!

So...I got on my blog today and saw my little baby tracker with 100 days to go!! It kind of made me excited although that seems like forreverR right now! This last week has been a tiny bit stressful for me. I found out that I have Not one...but 2 hernia's..inguinal hernia's which are right below my belly and close to my leg. I have one on both sides! And who knows why I would get hernia's right now??? Anyway, it has been causing some pain and not fun when you have to stand up to teach classes all day! Anyway..other than that pregnancy is going belly is getting bigger! My mom came down on Thursday because I think she thought I was getting a little too stressed and took us out to dinner a few times and made our apartment soo much cuter with a few new rugs and plants, and even helped us paint a few pieces of furniture!! Thanks sooo much mom! The rest of my family came up last night and crashed at our place for the night, unfortunately my younger brother Travis got sick in the middle of the night and was throwing up!! He is staying with Matt and I until tomorrow night when we're going to go up to Idaho Falls so Im hoping it wasn't the flu and just food poisoning, but regardless I have been cleaning Everything he toucheS! Poor kid!! Welll...that is about all that's going on here---have a Great Labor Day weekend!!!


Anna said...

I like the pictures of your apartment. And I like the Old Navy jeans. I'll have to check that out, because I now need some, too. :( But you are's just way more comfortable. And 100 days does seem forever...only because I'm pregnant too, but you are further than me, so more for me to go (but only a little bit right?!)

Chad, Rachel, and Baby Boy: said...

Hey Chels. Just read your message. The dr. said I could have the baby anyday. If I don't I will be in Pocatello next Tuesday evening for my sister's volleyball game. Text me or call me!

Logan and Lis said...

It is crazy to think how fast it is flying by for you. I can't wait to see the little guy. Hope your feeling a little better.

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