Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anniversary...and BeLLy!!

For our anniversary... we actually stayed at my parents and ate dinner(we are cheap) and then went out for ice cream and bought our new little baby an outfit!! It was the first outfit that I have purchased although I have an entire tub of clothes already! Anyway, it ended up being really fun and we might just have to celebrate again when we get all moved into our apartment this weekend:) are a few pictures of my belly at 23 weeks! It seemed like it grew so much the past few weeks, but then I look at the pictures and it's not quite that big. However, this is the first week a few people have actually noticed that I was pregnant. I walked into the grocery store and a lady looked right at my belly and said, was a little awkward but at least someone noticeD!!

Here is the side view. Let me add...we were about to leave to go eat, after I eat it grows soo much and then goes back down a little bit..I guess you could just call it being bloated...haha.
And here is the lovely front view...

So...since we have been married for 2 years I thought I would put up some pictures that describe our amazing 2 years together so faR!! It's soo weird how when you get married you think you know someone and love them more than you ever could love anyone...but in the few short years we have been married that has changed soo much! I feel like I get to know Matt more and more every day and fall more in love with him!!

Here is us...of course comparing our muscles-I think we are a little too competitive sometimes!

This was actually right before we got married at a Braves game in AtlantA!
All Dressed up!!
My first birthday being married...a CHEESECAKE..our favorite!
Anyway--we have had some great times and I can't wait for there to be many many more!


Stacy said...

Happy Anniversary! You look SO good! Your arms are still super skinny and toned. All your pictures were really cute. Glad you guys are doing well.

SiKa FaMiLy said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you!!!! Your belly is so cute!!! It is crazy how fast is can grow, and after eating too... I feel like a bloated whale after eating!! he he :) You and I are like one week apart with our pregnancies... that is so fun, oh and Anniversaries too, ours is this Sunday the 17, it will be three years for us... Well you look great hope you are feeling well and all is good... talk to you laterz! :)

Jennifer said...

So stinkin cute!! Wow!! Happy anniversary!

And Andy is married?! CRAZY!! Man, time is flyin!

Oh, and I look about as pregnant (but not as cute) as you when I eat so stop! ;)

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