Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moving back...

Welll...I have no pictures yet since we have been so busy but we moved back to Pocatello last Thursday...and began moving into our apartment on Friday morning at 8am. I had this goal that EVERYTHING would be moved in and in its right place by Saturday night so we could have one day to relax before I began my week of orientation! Anyway, we pretty much worked the entire day Friday and Saturday, and we did it!! I think it was about 10:30 on Saturday night and we were both like, I think we're done!! I love our apartment. It's a little smaller than our first one, but has soo much more storage, and feels more like a home! Also, in order to live in these apartments you have to either have kids or be expecting and so everyone around us is in the same boat, I really like thaT!

Alsoo...I started my program on Monday. I had to tell everyone I was pregnant and going to have a baby in the middle of the program and was really nervous, but all my teachers and everyone was soo supportive! I was very relieved and now I am excited to start. I will be teaching 5 classes: 2 basketball classes, weight lifting, golf, and a philosophy of athletics class with another teacher. I'm not going to lie Im a little nervous to be teaching students that are my age, but I know it will be a great oppurtunity and experience! There are 6 of us that are graduate assistants and they are all great. I think it will be a very fun yeaR!

Matt started playing with his team again this week, and of course was soo excited to start playing again. They have some great additions to the team, so they should have a great yeaR! I'm excited for him to start because there is nothing better than basketball season and watching him play, however, Im not excited for him to travel!! At least now I will have a baby to keep me some company:) OkAy..well As soon as the weekend is here I will try to take some pictures and post them of our new apartment!!


The Henry's said...

Thats great you guys go moved in so quickly.I hear ya on the traveling during basketball season...its terrible! Enjoy it though, I loved watching Tim play...and we both miss it so much!

Abby said... they have you listed as Chambers still on the weight lifting class. I think I almost signed up for that thinking it was you! I am so excited to see you in a few days!! Where are you and Matt Living??

lisa said...

oh chels good luck with your classes!!! i want to take golf from you! haha and i still need to take bball too! too bad i'm already at my 3rd college and shouldn't transfer again... but you'll be just fine!

Mike & London said...

chelsey now that you are back in idaho we MUST hang out. im serious!!!

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