Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here is our lovely new apartment..a bit smaller than the last but I am loving it. This is our cozy little family room! I was thinking of having a rocking chair in here for when the baby comes, but now I'm not quite sure we have enough room for one, I guess we will see! I know this looks random...but on the side of the family room there is a cubby under the stairs that is probaby one of my favorite parts of the hosue. We have lots of blankets and random pillows and had no place to put them in our old apartment, now we have this entire space! So..I guess if you ever need a place to stay, we have plenty of extra pillows and blanketS!!
This is another favorite of mine, the orange bathroom!! It's a little messy taking this picture and you don't quite get the full affect without the other cute orange rug in the picture, but it is really a fun bathroom!!
Okay, and I saved the best for growing belly! It was so funny because I saw someone at the beginning of the week, and then at the end and they didn't even know I was pregnant at the beginning but sure could tell by the end! Anyway-I think it has grown this week! So..this is me at 25 weeks! And these are actually Maternity Pants that I purchased for $15 only at Old Navy! I was hoping not to have to buy any maternity pants, but they are soo much more comfortable than just trying to wear low rise pants!
Well...that's about all thats going on right now. That's all the pictures of the house I felt like taking! Matt and I are getting ready for our first big day of school tomorrow! I still can't believe I'll be going to classes again--but it will be exciting!


Abby said...

Looks Super Cute Chels..Are they the apartments up by Bartz? I am so happy for you guys and the new baby! you are definitley one of the cutest pregnant people:) I will see you next week!

The Enslingers said...

So how is teaching/school going? Cute apartment and cute belly! I seriously need to see you all cute and prego IN PERSON! Love ya!


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