Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Journey to Germany

I have been prolonging this post because I feel like there is so much to say about this whole experience. We have almost been in Germany for 2 weeks now, and I feel like so much has happened! First, I am going to start with before we left! We went to the zoo a couple of days before and here is Matt as our tour guide:)
Carli (Tyson's girlfriend) with a little girl that she was babysitting for the weekend. Carli is an awesome girl, and just as I was getting to know her, we left! Hopefully they don't get married before we get back;)
Tanner and Colty:) I felt really sad when Colton had to leave all of his uncles. They Always makes him smile and give him all the attention in the world. It is so cute to see them with him!
Grandma and Colty! I think my mom has a special attatchment with Colty because she was there when he was born, and for the first 3 months of his life when Matt traveled. He loves his grandma and all the attention he gets of course!
Here began our journey. The night before we left we all sat down as a family and talked and cried (of course). I had mixed feelings about the whole thing, I guess I still didn't think it felt completely real that we were leaving. I was nervous about the plane ride with Colton because I have heard horror stories from everyone that has flown with a baby. So- the next morning we were off! The first flight was to Chicago (About 3 hours) Colton played for the first hour and then fell asleep in my arms for the rest of the flight. That wasn't the flight I was worried about. Our next flight was 8 hours long!! We got on the plane and Colton once again fell asleep and slept in this lovely bassinet that was provided for him for a couple of hours. It was soooo nice! We were in seats with a lot of leg room and the bassinet was right above our legs.
Anyway, then Colton woke up and ate and played and we decided to try something. We all had TV monitors right in front of us, so we put the headphones on him and let him watch for 45 minutes he sat there staring! I was amazed. Once he got a little bit fussy, we fed him and put him back in the bassinet for another 5 hour snooze until we landed. I don't think I could have asked for a better baby on this trip we were making across the country. The last flight we had was about an hour and he was the squirmiest on this one, but only because it was 3 am his time and I think he really just wanted to go to sleep (as did we). Anyway, we finally landed and someone picked us up and we got in the car and Colton fell right asleep, Matt fell right asleep and I just layed there looking at everything around me. Everyone was going soo fast down the autoban and I felt like I didn't want to miss anything. I was nervous, excited,and sad to be gone all at the same time!
Anyway, since that day SO much more has happened. We arrived at our apartment and Matt left quickly with the guy that drove us. He left me with no phone to contact him, No food and we hadn't eaten in forever, no money, and it was the middle of the night for me in a new world. I started balling laying there with Colton and he just kept looking at me smiling. I was soo grateful right then for my little baby who has been such a blessing in our liveS! Matt got home a couple of hours later with our new car and some money! Thank goodness. We went to the market (which you can walk to from our house) and tried to find something to eat, but it was harder than we thought! We figured out enough for the moment and decided to go to McDonalds which is down the road from us. It was about the same, but not exactly. One of the first things we noticed here is that they don't have water anywhere! No water fountains, no regular water at the store, anywhere! It is all bubbly water...so we searched everywhere and finally have found some normal water!
So- Sunday came around and we went to find our church. I was really excited to see what it was like and to meet some new people. We borrowed a GPS from someone and ended up driving around for 2 1/2 hours and NO CHURCH! The destination took us to a downtown street of a nearby city. Anyway, it was frustrating,and we began to question what we were doing here, why had we decided to come? It was a hard day for us. I think Iwas sad because I missed home and was SHOCKED at how different everything was/is. Matt hated seeing me upset and felt that it was his fault for bringing us here! I had emotions I hadn't felt before, although I moved across the country away from my family after high school, being in this country not able to speak to anyone where everything was different was on a whole new level. HOWEVER- we made it through that first week! Matt left for his training camp on Tuesday and that night I was supposed to have a phone but it didn't work so I layed here in the apartment alone and told myself if Icould make it through this week with no communication then everything would be fine! Well, sure enough the week went by quicker than I thought and I was able to meet some Awesome awesome people which I will talk more about later.
Here are a few pictures I have taken: This is Colty before Matt's first game this past weekend. He was in the Czech republic all week and we met up with him to go to his game and then he came home. I spiked his short hair and thought it looked soo cute!
At a friends house in the bean bag, which he loved!
It took him a few days to get used to his new bath (for some reason he was scared of it) and now he loves it again!
This is Sylke. Matt called her the Weissenfels Angel the first day we got here. SHe came to our house and took us to IKEA and helped us with everything! The week Matt was gone she cooked some amazing meals for me! I learned that German food is actually good if you know what to buy! She also showed me the "Ice Cafe" which is an ice cream shop basically in a garden--soo pretty! This is the only picture I got from it. They make their own homemade icecream and decorate it to look Really cool. MMmmmm...and since I am obsessed with ice-cream it was DIvINE!
Here is the river that runs through our town! I have been Walking Everywhere! We walked to the ice cafe and it took us an hour to get there, but I have plenty of time on my hands and might as well enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery!
I took this picture because I am fascinating by the way some of the buildings look. I wish I had an amazing camera so I could really capture what everything looks like!
This is from our apartment down to the town, the walkway.
Sylke pushing Colty:) He loves her already!
Before Matt left to his training camp we went to a basketball game where the German national team played Serbia!
The little family:)
He fell asleep even though it was SOOO loud in there! I think those first few days we all couldn't quite catch up!
Me and my baby:)
Colton met a Russian friend. One of Matt's teammates and his wife have a baby who is 5 months old. His wife speaks Russian and some German and even less English. She seems so nice, it is just so hard to communicate with the language barrier, but we try:)
So if you walk down the road a little ways from our apartment, there is a look out and it is such a beautiful view of Weissenfels!

All in all, I am starting to feel like this is home and obviously will be my home for 9 months! It is a beautiful town and the people are very friendly (or they seem if I know what they are saying) I think it will be a great experience for Matt and I. I think we never realized how much we needed each other until we are here and felt completely alone in the world. Anyway, I am thankful thaT I have him..and especially Colton on our journey!!


Candice said...

Wow that just seems like such a crazy 2 weeks. You are super strong!!!!! I don't know if I would be that brave. I'm sure you guys will get use to it and will enjoy being there. You already got some amazing pictures!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Chels you are so brave. I am glad Colton was so good on your flights. I was nervous for you. I am glad you guys are doing well. You are brave to go and do it! We are all missing you!

karrie jo Winder said...

I am excited for you and your family. I always said with anything new, if you can make it through the first two weeks, you CAN make it. I want to come out just to go get ice cream! I know you and Matt will love it and it WILL go by really fast. Try not to get discouraged before too long I am sure you'll have visitors and you'll be able to take them all around and show them all the fun places you have discovered!!! HANG IN THERE, I think the move was an adventures and fun decision and a chance of a lifetime.

Julie said...

Wow Colton WAS an angel on the flights. . . you lucky people! That is so great. I'm glad that you're adjusting ok. I didn't want to scare you before you left by saying, "It's not going to be what you expect, you're going to be alone a LOT, and you're going to be bored a LOT." Even though it's Europe, the pro basketball life is not as glamorous as people think it is. Hang in there, the hard days will get easier and you will learn to adjust. Hannah has been such a blessing for me on days when I'm alone and bored, and I know Colton will be that for you too! It will strengthen your relationship with Matt and teach you to rely on each other more than you ever have! You are brave, what you're doing is really hard and you don't know it is until you're actually doing it.

Let us know if you guys need anything!!! Cool pics, isn't Germany beautiful?!

Chad, Rachel, and Paxton: said...

your post had me tearing up in the middle of my office. Wow... you are one brave girl. I am jealous of your strength and positive attitude. I don't think I could do it. You, Matt, and Colton are in our prayers! Keep us updated!

Just Us said...

I have to agree with what everyone else has posted-you guys have some serious courage to be out there, but if anyone can do it-I am sure you 2 can!! Good luck, I wish you the best!!!

Matt & Ali said...

Hey Stucki Family!!!! I am so glad things are turning up. I can't even imagine how hard the first couple of weeks have been. As soon as you catch a routine you will be great!!! Good luck with everything and make sure you post lots I want to stay caught up!!!!

Stacy said...

Chelsey! You can do it! I'm so excited for you guys - because even if it's hard - at least you are LIVING!!! By that I mean taking risks and challenging yourselves! You will have so many great stories from your time there.

Now don't you wish you had been in German class with me instead of Spanish with everyone else?? HA HA j/k!

PDMe said...

So happy you guys are getting settled. We need to pick a time to Skype and catch up! I am in Boise now and started work last week. It's a blast but is taking some getting used to, to find role, etc.

Anyways, I hope things continue to go well and you guys begin to feel more comfortable. Hopefully, we can talk soon!


WELCOME TO EUROPE!!! I have been checking your blog every day to see how you are doing and if you guys made it safe!! I have been thinking about ya every day. Reading your blog reminded me so so much of when we first got here, your emotions feeling exc.. Almost the same... it is such a shock but it gets better as you already know... Wow what a great adventure you guys are having... I hope all is well and you and your lil' family are feeling more comfortable... Well so excited to see more post of you guys in Germany!! Keep it up you can do it!!!! Much love to you and your family!! :) Viel Glueck , Auf Wiedersehen!!! :)

Candice said...

If I am already this big, watch out. You didn't even show till five months huh?

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