Saturday, August 8, 2009

SuMmEr LOvIN :)

wE Are down to 3 days before we depart on our Adventure in Germany, and here I am blogging:) I look back on our summer, and it has actually been a lot of fun! This past week Matt and I went back to our teenage years and did a scavenger hunt on a group date with my brothers and their dates. It was so much fun because Matt was a good sport about it. We had to go around the mall and take pictures with everything that was on a list that we made up--and then come back and compare all of our pictures. So here are a few of the fun pictures we took...

Colton chilling in the tub for an Joke. It is pretty much his favorite thing to do. HE is such a good boy--he has been sleeping 12 hours a night since he was about 6 months or so, but because of all of our traveling he has struggled to sleep in his play pin. Anyway, the past 2 weeks he finally got back on track and has gotten used to his play pin. I am so glad, cause now that little boy will sleep just about anywhere-and he LOVES to sleep!
Lisa Kinghorn and her beautiful little baby..Ella! We went up to Rexburg for a wedding and were able to stop and see her with her baby. She was about a week and a half here-and Lisa looks so good already! We always joke that Colton and her are going to date when they are older, so I am sad we will miss them this next year!
So..I found this picture off of my camera from Bear Lake that I thought was cute. Here is Travis, Colton, and matt. Colton probably has the greatest uncles. Every time Colton comes into the room, all of my brothers run to him to talk to him, and he eats it all up!! They are so nice to play with him all of the time, even if he is cranky! We sure are going to miss them!


Mike and London said...

cute pictures!!!! i am so sad we are going to miss you guys!!!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Fun scavenger hunt! I am sure I wouldn't be able to get Taylor to do that! So I am glad Matt was a good sport. I love all the pictures. We will miss you guys!

Curtis, Randi and Baby Ruby said...

looks like your summer was perfect. i hope you guys do great in Germany this is a great experience for you, matt and colton. travel safe

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