Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weissenfels Days!

Weissenfels is a town with a lot of history. Every year they have 3 days of celebration of their history. It is all day everyday. They have concerts, parades, and parties! It has been a really fun weekend. I stood at the parade with my friend, Sylke, and she explained to me everything that was going on. I don't remember everything, but here are some fun pictures that I took of the people dressed up. It was so funny, I told Matt when the parade was over, I felt like I was in the movie Beauty and the Beast at the beginning when she is singing and dancing through her town. I felt this way because 1)EVeryone was dressed up like that, 2) there are cobble stone streets, 3) They are speaking in a different language and it just looked like it. While I was walking back from my apartment, I just stopped and looked around and couldn't believe how one culture can be so different from another. It was really awesome to see it!
This was my favorite guy...haha.
I wish I had a good camera to show how it really looked, but I loved all of their costumeS!

Here is sweet Sylke, and her husband Christian! They are both so wonderful, and continue to make us feel welcome! Her husband doesn't speak English like she does but after Matt's game he ran up and put his arm around him and kept saying "Fighter, Fighter!" I guess Matt has a new fan!
Colton loved the parade as well, all of the little kids who were in the parade had candy in woven baskets, and they would go right up to him and wait until he opened his hand and place the candy in it!
So---this is the MBC (Matt's team) fan club! They are some good fans that's for sure!
This is Katrin, she is in the fan club and also speaks GREAT enlgish! She took me to the lake, and out for ice-cream and is such a nice girl! She got to march in the parade:)
More of the fan club.
They didn't have many floats in the parade, however, of course the basketball team didn't have to walk..haha, So they got to ride on one of the few floats there were. Matt is in the front trying to wave at Colty and all of his fans that I have won over for him :) Matt's games are going well. They have played 3, and are 3-0!! His home games are going to be So fun to go to, they have a VIP lounge which I am a part of :) where they have every kind of drink (and they serve them in nice glasses) and sandwhiches and deserts! It is open the whole game, so me and Colty will be making some trips up there:) Matt is playing well, everyone on his team is really good, so they are fun to watch.
So- I feel like All I have talked about is Germany and basketball, but I caN'T forget my little trooper baby! He has been So wonderful since we arrived in Germany!! He had a few hard days and I couldn't figure out what was wrong, and I looked in his mouth and he has another front tooth coming in and a fang (this will make 5 teeth), and his gums are bruised and bleeding-- I felt so bad that I was getting so irritated with him when he was in pain! Anyway, since the teeth broke through he has been nothing but happy!
He says DADA all day long, HE loves going to the basketball games where he gets SO Much attention!!, he goes with the flow all day as we have been kind of busy this weekend, and sleeps so great! I couldn't ask for a better sleeper! I have always had to lay down next to him to get him to fall asleep, but since we moved here I just started laying him in his little pack-n-play (his new crib) and he falls right asleep! He has still been sleeping 12 hours a night, in fact last night he slept 13 hours straight! I think he was a little exhausted from our crazy weekend!
Anyway, we love him soo much and are so grateful to all be in this experience together! It has not been the easiest, but definitely "An Adventure!" We are starting to get used to our lives here and I think it will be a great year!
Colton's many faceS!

Someone let us borrow their old high chair so we didn't have to go buy a new one and then leave it here!

So- Colton also has a new obsession with books. They are his favorite toy, he sits and flips the pages open and closed Forever!! It cracks me up!
So- here are some things so far we like about Germany!
-The people are wonderful (and they try so hard to speak English)
-When you walk into or out of a room, everyone shakes EVERYone's hand, and even sometimes gives a little kiss on the cheek!
-Trees trees Everywhere!!
-Cobblestone streets
-Historic Buildings
-Eis Cafe's (ice cream shops Everywhere, and AMazing ice-cream)
-The weather (75 degrees and beautiful)
Hopefully I will find lots more things about this country we are living in. I am not going to say it is better than America, America is my home and there is NO PLACE like home:) However, we are here for 9 months and are trying to enjoy this time to experience a different culture! There have been days where we wonder why we are here, but having great experiences makes up for those hard days:)


Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I am glad you guys are liking it there! And also that you are making friends! You are brave! I love the pictures! Colty is just as cute as ever!

Sara Dee said...

I loved reading every word and looking at every picture of your last two posts. How interesting and fun. I want to know more about your friend, how did you meet her? Is she from Germany? Keep posting.

Chad, Rachel, and Paxton: said...

I am glad to hear you are adjusting. Colton is so cute! Chad wants to know if there is a team website we can follow on Matt! Keep posting so we can hear about all the exciting and new adventures! Love you!

Fan said...

The Team-Website is

sadly only in German ;o)

If the BBL-Season is starting in late September you also can read the Team-statistics and results on

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