Sunday, September 6, 2009

Along for the ride

This picture describes it ALL. We have been doing so much the past few weeks, trying to see every bit of Germany we possibly can while we are here. Good thing Colton loves being in his stroller :)
For some reason, I love these pictures of him. He looks so much older to me in them, and was pulling the funniest faces.

Colton's high chair converts into a chair and table, so here are my boys sitting up to their little tables hanging out together.
This bear was given to him by a man at the bank, when he first saw it, he just started giggling. Then he stared and chewed on it the whole way home. He now sleeps with it, and plays with it Constently!
Chillin' in the park in Leipzig, GERMANy (we went there on Matt's day off) Watching the many people walking by...

I love these outdoor eating areas, EVERywhere. I don't know if people even work here, because it seems like everyone is always outside eating and relaxing.
So- on our continued tour of Leipzig, they had a chocolate store where you could watch the people pour it into the individual slots-this was in the mall..pretty cool. I actually didn't taste it, but I got a chocolate ice cream cone instead (that tasted like fudge--wow)
Just A COUple of the many fascinating looking buildings (I think these are so so cool, because they are definitely not seen in the UsA)

The Statue of George Frideric Handel in Halle, Germany. He was born here. Halle and Leipzig are both 30 minutes from where we live.
Couldn't pass up taking a picture of this building with the pineapple top in front!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe statue in Leipzig
Matt eating his first bratwurst in Germany. They sell them EVERYWHERE. Outside of our grocery store they cook them all day, in every town ZENTRum (center) they cook them. Matt finally caved in and tried it, and Loved it!
Who would have known all of these famous composers are from Germany??
This was inside of the church (St. Thomas church) right next to the statue of Bach. The church was built in the 1100's and underneath it is where Bach's remains are. It was an amazing building. As we were walking around though, Colton thought it was really cool to make a lot of noise inside (while everyone was meditating and being extra quiet) so we ended our tour quicker than planned.
I went up to another one of Matt's games last Saturday night. It was in a town called Jena (yee-na). I Loved this gym because of the wonderful view I got the entire time. They had small mountains in the town that were all covered with trees. It was beautiful. His team won, they actually won the whole tournament, so they are now 5-0. Gooo mBC!

Matt has a few teammates who are American. One of them is married, and she actually just had a baby 2 days ago. This is at her (missy)'s baby shower. They had never heard of doing baby showers over here, so I thought it would be fun to show them an American Party! This is Missy at 9 months pregnant (you would never know)
Colton was the life of the party (seems to be how it is since we got here)
This is inside of the fanclub (they have a building all decorated where they get together a few times a week and after the games) Kind of cool.
So- another outing we went on is to a town called Naumburg (it is only about 15 minutes away) And of course we had to try out their EIS Cafe--here is Matt waiting patiently:)
Here is another view--for some reason they have the coolest looking ice-cream shops--I know once again I am obsessed.
Colton being a goof :)
The Naumburg DOME. We didn't have time to take a tour through it, but when visitors come--we will have to!
They have fruit stands just about everywhere, and Matt actually wanted me to take a picture of it. So this is for Matt with his fruit stand!
Another statue (have No idea what it is )
The town Zentrum. The towns always have a big cobblestone center, and then cobblestone streets going out everywhere. No cars can drive anywhere and you walk down all of the streets. Sylke came with us to show us around.
Here is one of the streets. I love love love the buildings.
Random picture of Colty and I at the parade a few weeks ago.
I got pictures from Sylke's party from her camera (which I love) so here are a few more. You can never have too many pictureS!!

Sylke's sister in law with Colton. They all love him.
Missy and I--1 week before she had her baby. I have no idea what I was doing.
Sylke playin with Colton.

As I am putting this post up it makes me feel like this has been a big vacation (well it feels that way so far) but we always have days where we miss the US and family of course. There are a lot of changes that we have to get used to, and everything we do is an experience for sure!

On Sunday, we finally found where our church was (at the top of a Burger King in the middle of the center of town) and Matt was able to go with me. One of the missionaries translated everything for Matt in his priesthood class, while I sat in Relief Society and couldn't understand a WORD. However, during sacrement meeting I was able to have the missionary translate for me and it was awesome. I swear everyone talked about how our church is the same everywhere you go, and there I sat thinking the exact same thing. The funniest part of church was Matt and I trying to sing the songs in German. Anyway, everyone was so so nice and tried so hard to talk to us (quite a few did speak English). It was good to be able to go and have that experience to feel a little bit closer to home being so far away from home!


Fan said...

We like to read your blog. Its always interesting to see what impressions visitors from foreign countries have about our german culture.

So keep on posting and have fun for the next 9 months in Weissenfels.

If i can give a recommendation for your next trip, i would advice to go to Jena again but not only to have a beautiful view out of the gym (the gym itself is the worst i have ever seen *hahaha*)......go to the city-Zentrum (you actualy know this german-word *respect*) for sightseeing and shopping. You will love it there because of the special athmosphere that thousands of students of the university bring to the city. It will confirm your impression that germans dont work ;o) ;o)

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love all the pictures! You guys look so great. The places you have taken pictures of are gorgeous. Someday I would love to travel and see new places in the world.

Candice said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. Are these cities you go to as clean as they look in the pictures?

The Henry's said...

K Colton is so stinkin cute its not even funny!
I love all your pictures. Its so pretty there. It actually really makes me miss living in Czech. The buildings and everything is very similar. I'm glad you have met so many cool people! That helps a ton I bet.


Wowo you guys are having a blast!!! Colton is so so cute as ever.. I am so happy you guys are having such a great time!!! Love reading your blogg!!! :)

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