Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My little man

I love this little guy. I couldn't imagine our lives without him!! I swear every day he changes SO much and gets so much more personality. And- He LOVES to laugh :)

He has never been a really great napper (a good sleeper at night) but it has sometimes been a fight for at least one of his naps during the day. Well--the past couple of weeks everytime I lay him down in their-he is out! I was getting a little bored the other day (if you can't tell) so I was snapping pictures of him, and finally woke him up after he had been sleeping for 2 hours...I am always so ready for him to take a nap, but soo ready for him to wake up too. Maybe that will change with more kids?

I love his play-n-trade sweatshirt!
Matt has been eating like a HORSE. the plate to the left is NORMAL size, the PLATE to the right is Who eats that much??


Dave and Ashley said...

I have actually only seen Colton in pictures but he is starting to look grown up! He is getting to be a Big Boy... a very handsome big boy! :)

Julie said...

haha I can't believe you wake Colton up! I enjoy every second of nap time. :-) It's nice when they start napping well, isn't it? He is so darling! Also I can relate to the food portions. . . Spencer eats like a horse too! Especially during the season, its amazing!

Abby said...

Chels...You are so cute! I miss you! Fortunatley I get updates through Mikkel and of course Blogs and Facebook..Thank goodness for Technology! Well, It seems like you guys are just having such an amazing time! What an Experience! I mean really I know its kinda scary sometimes probably but you will look back on this and really just be so happy for this time! Colty is Just growing up so much! He is so cute!! I miss you guys and love ya and hope you have the most amazing time!

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