Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coltons first Oowee-and Shokolada Eis Creme

Colton took a nap in our bed this afternoon( it's only 1 foot high, but we have hard wood floors), and we were sitting here eating dinner and I hear a VERY loud not normal scream from our bedroom! I jumped up and sprinted in there to see Colton on the ground with blood all over his face and his hands--I Freak out of course and scream for Matt to come in. I pick up Colton and my hands are shaking so bad- Matt takes him from me and wipes off the blood, and says- "he is okay!" I was still shaking, and I look up at his gums and didn't see his new front tooth that was coming in, so I make Matt check with me, and WOW it was still there! His gums were a little bit swollen from the fall so I couldn't see it very well, and his lip was just bleeding a little bit! I don't know why there had to be so much blood for such a little wound. Anyway, he was fine after about 2 seconds and loved all of the attention I was giving him! Matt says Colton will never be able to play football because I am afraid he will get hurt!
I am a mom, and this is the first time he has gotten hurt, hopefully next time I will be able to relax a little:)

ONe more thing...I have aN obsession with the Chocolate ice cream here. I need to just not buy it--except the grocery store is so close to our house, I probably would sprint over there at night before it closed to get some! It is really truly the best chocolate ice cream I have had! There are a few reasons why I justify eating it:
1) I WALK everywhere (occasionaly jog if I'm feeling REally good)
2) I can't read how many calories or fat grams are in it, so for all I know-it's completely fat free!
3) I'm in another country lonely at night when Colton goes to bed, and Matt is at practice, so what else do I have to do?!


Just Us said...

No need to justify it to all the icecream you can while you are there!!

karrie jo Winder said...

AUGH, I am not looking forward to Beckham's first fall. Just be glad Matt was there! Have you tried any other type of Shokolada, like maybe a candy bar? I have to stop reading your blog, you always make me want to go out for ice cream!!

Julie said...

eat all the dang ice cream you want girl! When we lived in Italy I think I ate gelato everyday. :)

Sorry Colton got a bump. . . isn't it sad when they get hurt?? Glad he's ok. Love hearing about your adventures!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Oh poor Stinky! I would be freaking out too! I am glad he is ok. I love icecream. I wish i could try that icecream. Actually, This made me want icecream right now. I am going to make a store run! haha No joke either!

Candice said...

I love your reasons for eating it every day and I think you very correct! Plus its like your on vacation (kind of) for the next 9 months and calories don't count on vacations :)

I'm sorry your little man has his first little accedent! That must be hard seeing your baby with blood. Your a good mom!

Sara Dee said...

Kids are in bed and Jeremy is out of town. I'm going to go eat a bowl of Ice Cream too. Thanks for the inspiration, just wish I was in Germany to have the good stuff with you.

The Henry's said...

Poor little Colton!! That had to be super scary for you! I've heard that mouths bleed a ton. And I think you should totally enjoy your ice cream!

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