Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm going to America! :)

SOOOOO....After a LONG weekend in German, I bought my plane ticket to FLY home for 3 weeks!!! This is something I have been DEBATING for I need to?? is it worth it?? can i leave matt all alone for that long?? bla bla bla. Anyway- I finally decided, no I don't need to, but YES it will be worth it!
And after our weekend I decided I was ready for some luxuries from home (ok, the weekend wasn't THAT bad) Saturday morning we got up, and we HAD to go to the store since they had been closed for 2 days. So, we all get bundled up, go scrape off the snow off of our car that continues to fall, and drive to the store. We have to park 3 miles away because we are still driving a van and the parking spots are made for the size of motorcyles, and we get out of the car to the shopping cart to realize we don't have a EURO. You had to put a Euro in in order to get a shopping cart. UNbelievable. Matt refuses to beg for a Euro (ok..I wouldn't either) So we went back home with no food and Matt had to go to shoot around.
Also--Matt's team lost and it was a little frustrating again--but Colty and I sure had fun :)
Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early, got all bundled AGain and scraped off the van, and climbed in for our 45 minute drive to church, but since it was snowing so bad it took over an hour. We arrive at church to find all of the front parking spots are full, so we try to drive to the back where our real church parking lot is (basically down 5 little alley-ways) and we look over and there are 2 cars stuck in the snow in the direction we are supposed to go. So- we turn around (After sliding around in the snow for 5 minutes) and try and find a spot somewhere on the street, but we get stuck time after time and there are no parking spots. After about 30 minutes, we decide it's no use- and Drive on back home. Talk about a bummer. So, after almost 3 hours of sitting in the car, we all came home and made homemade pancakes (the only food we had) and took 3 hour naps :)
Anyway, after my lovely 3 hour nap, I decided I was purchasing that ticket to come home. Thanks to my amazing husband, who has been encouraging me to do this, I get to enjoy a comfy bed, carpet, TV, fresh milk, soft bread, going to the movies :), watching college basketball, etc. etc. but most importantly-- being with family/friends, and Colton getting to see his whole everybody!!

Also-- I finally downloaded the pictures from MY camera (all of the previous were pictures on Sari's camera) and I only had a few but thought they were cute :)
Colton and his grandparents

Colton with Aunt Annie

And...Colton with Uncle Tuvy

I also HAD to put this picture in here. It wouldn't be Germany without Cuckoo Clocks :)

Best Friends :)

Annie and Colton giving high-fives!

And here is my little stud before his dad's game!


Stacy said...

Chels I am so happy you are coming home! (well, even though it's not GA, I'm still happy for you). I'm sure it will be worth it. It's a great time to just refuel. I love your pictures. Keep up with the updates! And please call while you're in Utah. I'd love to catch up!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

YAY! I am so glad you are making a trip home. Hopefully you guys will make a trip to Idaho ;) !! I love all your pictures. Colton looks like he is getting so tall! Can't wait to see you all!

Candice said...

I'm excited you get to go home too! GA is so much better, but whatever :) Colton looks so big in that outfit. I love that he looks like a little man!

Mike and London said...

yay you get to come back!!!!! i miss you chelsey! colton looks adorable!

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