Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas has came and gone :(

And so have our guests :( Basically the one thing that makes me homesick when I am here is when people come---and then they leavE! I know in a couple of days I will forget that we have family on the other side of the world (haha) but for now I am missing everyone!

We had such a great time and a great German Christmas! It really is a magical place here in Germany this time of yeaR!

A short (ok long) recap of the rest of our trip. We got home from our trip to Southern Germany and everything was closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th AND 27th (Because it was Sunday) Soooo...we spent most of our time relaxing those days--but did manage to find a few things to do :)

Here we are Christmas Eve opening a few gifts :) I got new PJ's from my mom (it's a tradition in our family) and I LOVED them!! We had such a nice Chritmas Eve. Sari made turkey, and mashed potatoes, fruit salad and German rolls :) We read stories and told our favorite Christmas memories.

Random picture...but this just shows why we really needed a dryer!! We were hanging clothes EVERYWHERE..including the coat rack :) 7 people in one tiny apartment with a small washer and no dryer = HUMIDITY! But--it all worked out!

Colty also got new PJ'S from my mom-- he LOVED having family here, he just followed everyone around all day like a happy little camper!


But by night time, boy he was worn out! This was the best time to get him to cuddle!

Christmas MOrning...basically all of the presents under the tree were for Colton.

He Loves books!

Colton's new guitar---plays the greatest songs!

So-- we decided to leave the house Christmas Afternoon to tour Weissenfels. Here is Annie by the castle...

And this was the beauty we drove around for 2 was SO nice to have it!

The streets of Weissenfels

A view from the castle

Wooded park near our house

And he is back with his guitar :)

Christmas night Colton got to wear his 2nd pair of Christmas pajamas--and he was still so tired from our long trip that he was getting delerious. He basically just walked around the house laughing all night!

Especially when I played his new flute, he started laughing so hard he fell to the ground! I think he takes after me...or my mom with the Giggling!

On the 2nd day of Christmas in Germany--we had a wonderful German meal at Sylke and Christian's where we ate duck and rabbit...mmmm....tasted like chicken ;) Then- we went to a small town called Freyburg
Yep--he is a nerd

Annie and Matt looking over the castle view

The greatest part about this trip was everyone got to eat at their first Eis Cafe!

Family photo in front of our church building...yep that's it :)

Matt's 2nd game while the FAM was here--they all got matching Jako t-shirts for Christmas.

Colton really liked the Wolf--I thought he would be scared, but he wouldn't stop looking at him!

Ivana is back in town from Serbia (One of Matt's teammates- Radenko's- girlfriend) We love her!

Colton got a new Bundesliga Basketball from Grandma and Grandpa :)

Annie got to play the drums with the fanclub :)

And here he comes! I was kind of bummed because this game didn't go as well (for Matt) as the first so the family wasn't able to see much, but his team won and Matt is still all of our favorite player!

And Travis got to shoot a half court shot at half time...too bad he missed! They even went and practiced Friday morning so he would be ready ;)

Colton with his friends after the game! Sophie got a Matt Stucki #31 Jersey for Christmas--they are awesome fans!!

We didn't waste any time and the next morning we got up and drove to Dresden. Sylke and Christian were able to come with us to be our tour guides! Before heading into Dresden, we stopped at a Fortress, the Festung Koenigstein (Fortress King Stone)

In Dresden we ate at an authentic Spanish restaraunt--I think I prefer Mexican food over Spanish :)

In the Mall in Dresden!

I thought this picture was amazing! Sari's camera works SO well at night and you can almost capture what we really saW!

Matt and I the end of our day in Dresden-- we got to eat at another Eis Cafe! Travis was going on and on about how much he loved it--but really, who wouldn't love THAT:

The whole clan :)

The next morning we got up and went to Weimar and the Buchenwald concentration camp. It was COLD. So--we took a pit stop in the mall and had Subway (ok, i did) I haven't eaten very much "American" food since we got here, so I figured I deserved some of it. They even had the same cookies as in America...and dang they were good! I'll be making a trip back sooner than lateR!

The streets of Weimar

By the end of the day Colton was ready to be free from his stroller. We let him out and he ran around for an hour-- and was loving life! I love this picture of Colton with grandma and grandpa!

Don't ask what he is doing ;)
We were SO glad to have our family come visit us and had such a great time!! We will miss them...but it's a Good thing I am thinking about making a quick trip home in a few weeks :)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Stucki Family!
I hope you enjoy the rest of your year here in Germany.
Greetings from Annett (the Anonymous with the Frog King tip)
P.S.:There is a Subway in Merseburg so you don`t need to travel to Weimar to eat American Food ;-))

Lisa said...

I love all your pictures! All of the buildings are so beautiful. And Colton looks so dang cute- I love his spiked hair in the last picture.

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