Thursday, May 13, 2010


Colton is almost 18 months!!! I know everyone always says time goes by soo fast with kids, but I can't believe my baby is really turning into a little boy.

He is seriously the greatest little guy and we love him so much.

He loves to give kisses and hugs!

The only thing he will sit down and watch for more than 30 seconds is Baby Einstein-- and I have to strap him down in his high chair to get him to watch last about 10-20 minutes!

Just this week, I have switched him to one nap a day, most days it's great--- some days he is pretty tired!

He loves living with his uncles... They play and play and play with him!

All 4 of his molars are coming in right now...and I can tell he hasn't quite been himself-- but it's lasting a month and they are still coming in!

Colton LOVES animals, chocolate milk, balls, being OUTSIDE, putting on his shoes, laughing, sleeping, brushing his teeth and hair, lotion bottles, phones (every time the phone rings, he runs to it squealing), food (when he is ready for lunch he starts putting his hand to his mouth and runs to the high chair), and of course his Family!

And we love him :)


Abby said...

Oh my goodness Chels..Seriously Colty is like the cutest baby (well I guess not a baby anymore) I've ever seen! His little smile just makes everyone smile. Just so cute! I'm so glad to see pictures and videos of your handsome little stud!!

Cindy said...

i love that he just wanted to be by the goat, not really touch it that much.

The Aug Side said...

My kid had all his molars and eye teeth come in at once and I think it lasted 2 or 3 months! So I feel your pain!

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