Monday, May 24, 2010

18 months....ALMOST

Last week we went to Colton's "15-18" month old appointment. His appointments kind of got a little mixed up from being in Germany-- he missed one set of shots, but at least he got the German measles shot :)

Anyway, so his appointment was about a month early. It was nice to actually be able to communicate with the doctor about what he should be doing at this age, etc.

She said he is about 7 months taller than kids his age, whatever that means (34 inches)...and he is 29.2 lbs. I am pretty sure he is even heavier than that because he also had "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease" and had been having diarrhea for 2 weeks straight, and NOT eating a thing so he probably lost some. (I just say that because I have to carry him around). Basically, he is a pretty solid little boy.

I was starting to get a little nervous about his diarrhea, MAJOR diaper rash, and not eating--but just thought it would go away eventually. She took one look in his mouth and diagnosed him, she said he had sores all over the back of his mouth and I should be giving him medication, but he was nearing the end of it at that point. Poor kid, I didn't even give him a thing while he was in all that pain!

Anyway, he also is NOT really talking much, the doctor said he should be saying 6-15 words, he says hmmm...4-5. He rambles a TON though, and I know he is trying to talk--one day it's all just going to come out! Oh, but he can make all the animal noises :)

He was going through a phase where he screamed to get what he wanted (NOT GOOD, but what do you expect when he can't TELL me what he wants). But, we have really tried to work with him, now he just screams when he is mad ;) haha. Anyway, instead of screaming now, he takes whoever's hand is near him and guides it to what he wants. It's Hilarious! He will even grab my hand and try to push someone away if they are to close to him. I mean, he does it ALL the time!!

Anyway, we love him but can't believe how fast he is growing up!

My aunt went "garage selling" the morning after Tyson and Carli's wedding and she found a basketball hoop and ball for $5!! Awesome, so we had to try it out, ALL DAY LONG!


karrie jo Winder said...

I am glad to hear he is so tall. Mikkel would always ask me if Beck was short for is age, and I had no idea! The only thing mr. B can say is, "What's That". I better get working on it before his next appointment. Colton is still ADORABLE and looks like he keeps you pretty busy! Good luck up in Moscow!

Tanya said...

Have you tried sign language? I've done it with my girls and I hear with boys it is SUPER helpful because they talk a lot later than girls. I recently just got a sign language video from the library and my girls love it! They have learned a lot!

Be Strong and Courageous said...

Go Colty! Keep shooting those hoops and you'll be a star just like your dad! Aunt Cindy

Anna said...

So cute! I can't believe our boys are getting so big. It was just December and they were being born. Colton looks so handsome and fun. Glad you are doing well.

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