Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tyson and Carli's Wedding :)

Wow, what a day!

It began at the temple that morning, SUCH a beautiful sunny day!

My cousin, Tenille and I, awkwardly wore the same dress!

Kelsey and Travis with Colton---of course!

Colton has gotten really into "Tickling" people...especially his Uncle Travis who he is going to miss a whole lot!

The beautiful temple grounds

Dad and Son

And here they come :)

Giving his new aunt Kisses!


Playing with Uncle Tuvy like always

My mom set up the beautiful luncheon...Colty sat in his chair the whole 2 hours and ate and played...he was SOO good!

Maybe because he got to eat Cake Pops the whole time! They are SOO good... Cake mixed with cream cheese (frozen) and covered with chocolate!

Julie is and Amazing decorator!

After the luncheon we headed up to the house where the reception was going to be at, and these houses were beautiful! It was 4:30 and RAINING! The reception was supposed to start at 6:30 and was going to be outside! Everything was already set we went to see the damage!

Luckily...the girl who was at the house made it outside in time to salvage some of the stuff, but the rest was pretty wet! We loaded everything up in trucks and drove down to the church. At 5:30 it started to clear up, and they were trying to decide if they should move it back up to the house which they had spent weeks planting flowers and it was beautiful! About 5:45, they decided to stay at the church, so we gathered up all the blow dryers we could, and started drying everything. A few minutes after 6:30-- It was all set up and still beautiful :) We also went outside about then, and it was also beautiful--BUMMER!

ANYWAY-- the reception ended up being so fun although it didn't go quite as planned!

Colton and Stockton (Carli's sisters son) I tried to get ONE decent picture of both of them together and this was all I got!

Hattie (my cousin) stayed here most of the weekend, and she became good friends with Colty :)

Uuuh...he looks a lot more sad than he really was!


We're soo happy to have Carli in our family!!

Uncle Tyson!

Our little family!

My beautiful mother and I:)

The beautiful view from the house where the reception was supposed to be at!

We will miss you Uncle Tuvy!!
All in was a wonderful day :)


Taylor and Lyndsi said...

I love all the pictures! I loved her colors! It turned out beautiful. The Luncheon = AMAZING. The tables were beautiful. Your mom is so creative! LOVED IT!

The Blanchard Family said...

The day ended up being GREAT despite all the hiccups ;) I am still sad that it wasn't at the Kilgore's because it would have been amazing there, but it was a good time and a great memory!

The Henry's said...

The luncheon looked so beautiful! I love weddings! Okay where did you get your dress? I spent weeks looking for a cute modest formalish dress for a dinner/party that was at Tim's Law school. We didn't end up going, but I'm already starting look for the one next year! Yours was super cute! And I love your flower clip.

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