Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Colton loves Basketball, as of 2 weeks ago. Matt has been "practicing" with him every night, and they will play on his little hoop in the living room for hours. - no joke. When they are done, Colton's face is bright red and he is sweaty, I think Matt is in heaven, except for the fact that Colton sobs and sobs when Matt is "too tired" to play anymore.  Colton even likes to watch it on TV. The NBA playoffs are going on right now, so yes, it is on our TV every evening. If we turn it off, or change the channel, Colton wants "Ball" back on the tv! He will stand in front of the TV and when they make a basket, he says "Wow" It cracks me up his little fascination with it just recently because he has been into animals and cars and toy story and books, but NEVER has been into playing ball...until now, we'll see how long it lasts :)


etreiersen said...

I bet you and Matt are very proud of Colton's new interest in basketball. What cutie that little boy is. It is fun to see what Children's interest are and how fast they can change. We will miss your family too. You can come visit us in Clarkston anytime you want 10 degree warmer weather.

Abby said...

Im not suprised at all by this post! we all knew it was only a matter of time before he started picking it up! I can't wait to hear about his stardom in his teenage years!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Colton is doing well with the ball ;o) But he has to work at his defense- What about signing a contract for MBC? ;o)

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