Sunday, April 3, 2011


This little dude is getting BIG.  Today, I gave him a piece of bread with butter on it and he only ate the butter...awesome :)  I think he is going through a growth spurt because he eats more than Matt and sleeps more than Mylee (ok...almost)

My very giving friend Paige let me borrow this amazing device.  It is a "swing" but glides side to side, or front to back while laying down more than a regular swing, while playing something that sounds like she is still inside of me (with a heart beat and everything).  It also has options to play fun tunes or quiet ones...amazing!!  I put her in it at 7:45, and she is out :)  (I don't let her sleep in it all the time, so she doesn't get too used to rocking to sleep :) )

I also got one of these!!!!  I sold my single jogger on craigslist for $80 and got this double jogger the same day on craigslist for $75!  What a deal!  (Mylee is missing from the picture, but she loves it too!!)
We got to go on a walk today as a family of 4 because the sun was shining :)

Today was the perfect day :)  It was the first day since Christmas Matt and I got to sleep in together (by sleep in together I mean he didn't get up at 6 to study, go to school, or meetings), and he didn't leave the house ONCE (except to go on a walk WITH ME!)  This has NOT happened forever!  Our kids both slept in until 9:30, we ate Cinnamon rolls for breakfast :) and we got to watch General Conference!

After a day like today, I am ready to tackle another week with the kids...and the rain :(


etreiersen said...

Wow, both of your kids slept in until 9:30! I am jealous Rachel was up at 5:30 this morning. I bet you are loving your new stroller. Colton is way too cute, I can't believe he just ate the butter from his bread. Glad you had such a great day.

Julie said...

9:30?????????? wow you lucky girl! Ever since Logan was born, Hannah is up with the sun. I have no idea why cause he sleeps later than her! ugh. You are right, having 2 is such a HUGE, hard adjustment. Logan is 4 1/2 months old and I still have my moments where I'm like, "HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I DO THIS?!!" But it always works out. I'm glad that you got Matt home and that you guys got to sleep in. It is amazing how the little things in life can get you through the hard times. And how things like sleeping and strollers are the most exciting things in our lives now! HA HA!! But seriously, it's totally true! Your babies are so cute!

Susannah said...

What a fun day! Glad you got to spend it with Matt. I love the days that Adam can spend home with me!

Paige said...

that sounds like the PERFECT day! I'm so happy for you that Matt go to be home all day for a change. and I'm so happy that mylee loves that swing. We didn't get too much use out of it so I'm glad someone is! :)

Rachelle said...

What?! You didnt tell me about the double jogging stroller!!!! I am so jealous, you will have to show me how to look for things on craiglist so I can get one too and sell my regular double stroller, its way too long!

Anonymous said...

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