Saturday, April 30, 2011


We had an awesome Easter this year!!  (Yes, I am a little late posting it)  I swear the older the kids get, the more fun they are during Holidays :) 

Since I am in the Stake primary presidency, we have been planning our Stake Easter activity for a couple of months now!  It turned out SO fun.  We had a carnival in the gym with an egg toss game, bowling, golfing, face painting, pictures with the Easter bunny, etc. and then had an easter egg hunt afterwards.  I didn't even take my camera out because we were pretty busy, but I did get a few pictures from friends :) 
Here is Paige, Katie, and I and our cute kids Jay, Cash and Colton (they will all be here next year--Hooray!!)
  Cash, Kardy, and Colty (Kardynn won't be here, I could cry!)

Saturday morning, the fun didn't stop.  Our neighborhood had a breakfast and Easter egg hunt, and it just happened to not be raining!!  It was actually chilly in the morning, but ended up being one of the most beautiful days yet!  Colton realized from the night before that there are "treats" in the eggs.  You better believe he was hunting those things down!--Hilarious!

Sunday morning, we had Stake Conference so Matt got to stay home with us and help us get ready for church--WONDERFUL!  My mom made a little dress for Mylee (yes, she made her blessing and Easter dress, wow!)  Anyway, and found a matching shirt for Colton- I think they turned out sooo cute!  We are actually taking family pictures in them as soon as the weather is nice :) 
Sunday after church, we had another Easter egg hunt with Colton, and then had a big ham/funeral potato dinner with a bunch of friends!  It was the perfect day :)

But it wouldn't be Easter without the real meaning of Easter.  I am so grateful for our Savior, I have loved teaching Colton about "Jesus"  It is funny, Colton doesn't pronounce his words all that great, but he definitely can say Jesus.  He will sit on the couch with me and watch hours of any kind of video that shows Jesus.  And when he is up on the cross, Colton will say, Ow, Jesus, and kiss the computer.  Nothing Colton does makes me more proud.  It melts my heart to think of this little 2 year old who knows Jesus is something special because he was just with him such a short time ago. 
Anyway, it was one of my favorite Easter's yet!  I hope everyone else enjoyed there's as well :)

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