Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer is near :)

Our first year of law school, and first year in Moscow is almost over-in 3 weeks!  I have been looking forward to this since last August.  And now that it is almost over, I am SO sad!

I have met some of the greatest friends I have ever had, Colton has had some Great little friends that we will miss SO much!

This last month (now that I am functioning normally with 2 kids-ha) has been a lot of fun.  Even though the weather has been bad, we have found stuff to do!  And even though I am so relieved that we survived the first year, I will miss it!

We will be moving to Pocatello for the summer where Matt has an externship. It will be WONDERFUL to be closer to family for a couple of months!

And all our family gets to enjoy these sweet kids..I love them!!!

Miss Mylee is 3 months old!!  When she was born, I thought she was this little angel sent to me, when she was about 4 weeks old, I wondered where my little angel went.  She had to be held 24/7, she was never content if she was awake, and she wouldn't stay asleep for more than 30 minutes (except for at night--she has always been pretty good)  I was having a hard time there for a couple of weeks- we went to visit family for Spring Break and my mom held Mylee the entire week, it was JUST what I needed, a break!  We returned home to Moscow and I was rejuvinated and not stressed about her sleeping/fussiness.  I decided at every nap, I would lay her in her bassinet and walk out of the room and not stress.  It took about 3-4 days, and she is my Angel again :)  I don't know what happened, maybe she could sense that I wasn't stressed out anymore--haha, but she is the sweetest, happiest little baby.  I could talk to her all day long because she doesn't stop smiling!

 When Mylee was first born, well, I posted the pictures, Colton did NOT like her, or he was scared of her or something.  However, if you have met Colton- he is the sweetest little boy.  This broke my heart that he disliked his sister so much.  It has taken him a couple months, and everytime she wakes up he starts smiling, he loves to give her kisses, and although he doesn't smother her (which is fine by me) he definitely is aware of her and is so sweet to her.

Colton's favorite person (especially this past week) is his dad.  He went through a phase where he was attached to me after Mylee was born, but he is back to his dad :)  Colton loves to cuddle after his nap, and normally Matt is never home after he wakes up from his nap- so one Saturday he was and they cuddled forever!

I LOVE this picture!

Colton Loves to dance! (If you can tell in the next couple of pictures that he is dancing)

This is Colton every morning, he has Cold hands and feet just like his daddy!

I tried a photo shoot of these 2 after church, but after church is probably not the best time.  First of all, it is lunch/naptime for Colton, second of all, I am exhausted from Sunday morning with no Matt :(, and third, Mylee is especially exhausted because she will only sleep in her bassinett and not in my arms at church!  But...we tried it.  The following 3 pictures are the first 3 pictures I took and then I gave up :)  Wow.


His new love for his sister also includes helping with bath time :)

Love this Cheeser!

We have been playing on Matt's Mac computer...Colton thinks it is the greatest thing in the world.  Sometimes I feel like this is what Mylee's hair really looks like--and I don't know what to do with it?!!

P.S. Random post, but I had too many cute pictures not to post!


Rachelle said...

Ha ha bevyn was so sweet too but did not like Eli for a couple of months but they defniitely come around, luckily! Wait till Colton misses her when she is napping and it takes everything in him not to go in the room and wake her up...thats a fun phase lol We will miss you so much this summer but I am excited for you to be with family...till our second year of law school! Wahoo!!!!

The Blanchard Family said...

Your kids are adorable! I can't believe how big your sweet baby is already getting. I also can't believe how many adventures your little family has had with Germany and Idaho, etc! I always look forward to summers with Andrew being around more as well!

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