Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas time

 I had to begin with this picture...this is what I see the majority of the day.
  Little Miss Mylee holding onto my pants...
 begging for my attention :)

We got to meet "Santa" at our ward party tonight. 
I couldn't find Mylee anywhere...
And then I found her here...
Just staring.

He wouldn't hold still for 2 seconds.
He was running around screaming "SANTA, SANTA!"

We got them both together
And in his lap
Mylee continued staring
And Colton was still so hyper,
he couldn't hold still.

Take 2

Also...we went to the Christmas Parade downtown Moscow this week.
These are there hats I got them for Christmas.
But since neither of them have hats...they got to wear them!

I love her.

Matt looks thrilled that his hour break of the day gets to be spent going to a parade in the cold :)
Colton had fun.  He loved the trucks.
And there were at least 5 Santas.

Don't worry...our Christmas isn't completely revolving around Santa.
Colton has spent HOURS playing with our Nativity Set, he loves it.
He also carries his gospel art book everywhere with him...
to look at the pictures of Jesus, baby Jesus, and the temple (Jesus' house)
I love that little guy.

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