Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

    The day Thanksgiving Break started I told Matt I wanted a break.  His studying has started picking up (I really shouldn't complain because we have had 50 hour weeks compared to 70+ hour weeks like last year) It has been awesome!  But, the past few weeks are getting closer and closer to those 70 hour weeks. 
   Anyway, we were so close to hopping in the car and heading home for the week so he could study and I could hang out with family.  The semester has been AWESOME, until the holidays came around and not only was my husband studying, but I was home with no family :(  And it got COLD. Poor poor pitiful me. 
I mean I still had these 2 cute things...and we did lots of THIS:

BUT---Matt came home and informed me we were going to go stay at a time share condo in Couer D' Alene with some friends for a day. YAY!
We got to ride up in our friends car...we got to go to Target...we got to go swimming...we got to put the kids to bed and stay up late playing games and laughing.
It was awesome.
We rarely get to hang out as couples without children--so it was especially fun.
I am sad...I didn't even get a picture of all of us...but can I really take pictures with little Miss Mylee ripping the camera out of my hand?!

One of the highlights of the trip was THIS:

They dared Matt to jump in Lake Coeur D'Alene, swim 30 yards and swim back...and paid him $120!
He did it...and kind of awkward for me, I thought he was SO cool for doing it!
On his way back, he started slowing way down and he said his body was stiffening up it was so cold.
The sad thing is, none of us would have jumped in to save him ;)
Anyway-- we got to stop at COSTCO on the way home and get some goods thanks to our friends who enjoy twisted entertainment (my husband almost freezing)

Here is our little family.

Anyway- it was an awesome trip, great company but when we got back home it was back to the grind for Matt. He studied the majority of Thanksgiving Day while I cooked.
We had a Feast at the church with 9 other families (I have no pictures)
It was So much fun.
We went around the room and told what we were thankful for.
And although we are all poor college/law students with kids and no family nearby,
 we have a TON to be thankful for.

I went Black Friday shopping from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. (not quite as daring as some people, but also I have a whole lot less money and things to buy so why waste my precious sleep :))

Now--we are just trying to get through finals. 
2 more weeks and we are home free!


The Henry's said...

Those little breaks are always so great! A few more weeks and you guys are half way done!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awe, we had so much fun with you guys! The best company for sure ;) and we can't live without matt enteraining us with cold water and of course "whispering in the bedroom" and "hear me for I have spoken" luv monica

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