Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nativities around the World

At one of our church buildings here in town, they set up a display for a week of hundreds of different nativities around the world.  It is awesome!!! 
The German one was my favorite.

One of our friends invited a bunch of us to go see it together. They have a room at the end with costumes to dress up and they take a professional picture of your family in the Nativity Scene. We decided we ALL would dress up and take one big picture together!

  I love it. 
 Mylee was a little sheep in my lap.  She was so cute walking around with her little sheep tail wagging in the back...until she started trying to rip it off!

Anyway, I took my kids back the next day because they have a kids room with  a bunch of different nativities for kids to play with and crafts to do.  They loved it.  What a fun event to get in the Christmas Spirit!

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Clayton & Charish Hubbard said...

I can't believe the dads dressed up too!!! That picture is very cute! and what a cute idea! Hope you guys have a happy holiday!

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