Friday, December 9, 2011

Finals Week

I am letting Colton watch a movie right now.
He got it from RedBox because he pooped in the toilet again
(he actually has not pooped in his diaper for a week now!!)
Mylee is sleeping.
I should be folding laundry, cleaning, getting ready to leave in a week, fixing my hair (that I just cut a chunk off on the side because I haven't gotten my hair done for 4 months and it is DEAD and Dried out), organizing my house (it desperately needs it) or really anything besides sitting here.
But...I sprained my ankle yesterday morning playing basketball.
I pretended all day like that it didn't hurt.
And now it REALLY hurts.
We haven't really seen Matt for quite a while now, and probably won't see him until next Thursday when he is done.
He was gone from 6:30-5:30 yesterday (I did not hear from him) and he walks in the door and says, I only have maybe an hour and I'm leaving again.
Awesome, see ya.
I don't even know when he finished studying and came to bed...No idea.
Mylee is teething and she screams at my feet all day long.
Unless of course we are anywhere around other people,
 and then she is happy as can be (Social butterfly)
And that is why, even though my ankle is killing me...
I am going to the mall after her nap.
Then she can be happy to see all the people that she wants to see.
And Colton can run to his hearts content.

I put up my Christmas decorations last week, but not our tree.
I figured Mylee would rip it apart.
And I was over at my neighbors house doing Reindeer crafts yesterday and she told me they were going to go buy a new Christmas tree because they left theirs in storage.
I told her she could use ours.
So, she set it up, and I went and saw it and wanted to have it back (just for a second)
Hahahhaa...I'm just like my children.

We're going to see the Nativities Around the World display tonight.
And I am going to a movie with some girls.
While Matt studies his life away.
It better be worth it...

Happy Friday!


The Henry's said...

It will so be worth it!!!! Hang in there. This is all just gearing you up for Bar study time!

Megan said...

I feel your pain. Ryan had 2 solid years of 7am-10 pm, with maybe an hour at dinner to say hi to us at home. it's hard. it's a little better now, but he still has a couple of 12+hr days a week at the clinic. i swear these professional programs are not meant for guys with families. good luck. my heart goes out to you. your kids are sooo cute!!

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