Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My kids

I feel like having 2 kids (for me) is SO much different than one.  SOOOO much different.
In both good ways, and some bad ways.

Here is Mylee in all her glory.

She is a climber, destroyer, sneaky little thing.
  But she is really good at playing on her own and keeping herself busy. 

Last week:
Some friends and I went penny bowling.
Colton LOVED it.

Mylee loved watching all of the action.

Colton would roll the ball down, and before it got halfway down
he was turned around doing a little victory dance.
Kind of funny.

 I just had to throw in this picture of this sweet little thing.

She has had some serious issues the past 6 weeks.
Diarrhea 3-4 times a day.
And it's not going away.
We have tested stool samples, had her on the simplest diets, tried putting oils on her feet and belly.
NOthing works.
I'm exhausted from changing poop, bathing her, changing the sheets, cleaning out poop from her clothes all night long.
I hope we find out what the deal is soon...cause poor girl...
and Mom and Dad!

Back to my 2 kids comment....Colton would have never done this alone.
We thought they were playing innocently on a Sunday afternoon.
Decided to check on them and This is what we find.

At least they have someone to play with :)
And they are cute!

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mrs. olson said...

I swear three kids has been easier than 2. I love Mylee's hair!

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