Sunday, March 25, 2012

Random thoughts

We are leaving Moscow in 6 weeks!
I try not to think of it, but I have to pack eventually!

Colton is potty trained.
I waited until he was completely ready.
One day he put on underwear,
and now, over a week later
he has had maybe 2 accidents
and they weren't even enough to change his underwear.
It has been a great experience for both of us haha.

I love exercising.
I don't love the cold
It snowed all week!!!
I went into the gym Saturday morning
and was frustrated from the cold, sickness of all of us,
sad that we were moving, etc. etc.
and I worked out hard.
Nothing can quite do what exercise does for me.
It is my escape, my necessity, and my passion.
I know that sounds a little intense, but it's 100% true.

I have absolutely loved living in Moscow.
We have had some of the hardest of times and best of times.
We have met some of the best friends we have ever had.
I will cry when we leave, hard.
But that is life I guess.
I am sure I will rant about this more in the next 6 weeks.

Mylee's diarrhea is gone.
I have given her a packet of probiotics every day for 2 weeks.
And finally, she can sleep and we all can sleep!

Matt's sweet mom got my kids the cutest outfits for Easter!
I can't wait for them to wear them!

Matt is about to start preparing for finals.
So we might be seeings a little bit less of him the next month and a half.
And that's okay, as long as we have some nice weather!!

Anyway, life is good.
We are happy!


mrs. olson said...

You're going for sure?! Crazy! I will totally miss you and our presidency!!

chelseyandmatt said...

Yeah. 99.9% sure. Its good to know for sure though. You guys have any plans yet?

etreiersen said...

I know how you feel about leaving Moscow. I felt the same way too. Eric and I met some of the best people ever there. I never cry when we move. We have have moved 8 times in 9 years, but I did cry when we left Moscow.

Good Luck with packing and Matt in his finals!

Katie R said...

hey, i thought you went private? did you get my facebook message? i left it and then quit facebook, and then i realized that i don't know if you got it or not. umm... the 3-bedrooms my friend lives in are called garden greens. my email is i hated leaving moscow too, but i think boise is good for the 3rd year of school.

Candice said...

I feel like I check everyones blog like once every 6 months. I need to check yours more because you kids are so dang cute! Good luck with all the transitions. Lifes sure is hard sometimes.

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