Saturday, February 20, 2010


After leaving Germany for 3 weeks and then returning, I noticed quite a few differences that I didn't really notice after living here for 6 months... AND I have to document of course :)

In America, yes there are a lot of restaraunts (fast food/sit down/healthy/unhealthy) Of course this can be a bad thing...However, it can be a VERY convenient thing/fun thing/form of entertainment. If you are in the mood for some Mexican, chinese, italian, and I am sure even German- you can find a place to go to satisfy those cravings in America. So, although I think a lot of people think we eat "fast food" a lot, there is more to fast food than McDonalds. We have fast food pasta places, sandwhich/soup, salads...etc. etc. It is one thing I miss, is having a variety from 1000 different cultures to choose from-- although not eating out does help shed a few pounds...

So, when I moved here I started to get the feeling that a lot of the "older generation" in East Germany were "Grumpy" Grumpy as in, you smile at them on the street and they give you a strange look, or you are going to get in line at the grocery store with a child whining to get out of here and they race in front of you (yep, it has happened). Anyway, I kept thinking- they are grumpy because of everything they have gone through, bla bla. Well- when I went back to America- there are some grumpy old people there too :) I guess it's all about what you are looking for. I came back and started looking for the people that DID smile at me or Colton, and there were quite a few!

I went out to a movie while I was home and the show started @9- we got there 2 hours early because the earlier show was sold out. Anyway, as we were walking around the movie theater- there are shops/restaraunts all around it-- and there were about a 10000 people out and about. Maybe I haven't been out that much at night in Germany, but from what I can see everything closes down about 8 or even earlier...ok maybe just in Weissenfels :)

OK...I have noticed this, but after going home it kind of amplified it-- the milk cartons are SO small...gallon jugs are pretty nice when you are having to open several new cartons a day!

And lastly...Germany is so green! I enjoyed coming back and even though there is still some snow, when it melts I see GREEN underneath! Crazy???

P.S. Does anyone else notice Germany right behind us in the Olympics?? Maybe I have never paid attention that closely before...


Stacy said...

I love reading stuff like this, especially if we might be moving there. I will stop taking advantage of the many many fast food restaurants we are surrounded by.

Oh, and I get many grumpy looks from people here too. I think you will find those anywhere you go.

The Henry's said...

This is so funny, I notied a ton of very similar stuff while we were in Czech. And we had tons of interesting experiences in grocery stores....just very different!! I bet Matt is glad to have you guys back!

The Henry's said...
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Michemily said...

Love, love, love Germany and your comparisons. :) That's funny about the grumpy old people.

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