Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I can not believe it's been a week and a half since I left for America--and Sylke is already gone! Coming home isn't quite as I imagined it would be- well I should say coming to America isn't quite like I imagined it would be. It has been wonderful seeing family/friends, but I don't think it really matters where I live --as long as I have my husband :)
I think everyone that has a young child/baby traveling across the world has some kind of interesting experience- ours was exactly that--interesting. We got to the airport and they told me that I had not previously purchased a ticket for Colton (which I had). I got a little panicked, but called my wonderful husband, and he said "Just buy another one, and we'll worry about it later" Great advice- so I just bought another one and got on the plane. We got on the runway about to take off- and they tell us there are a few engine problems we need to go back and check out really quick. Really quick turned into 4 hours--4 hours!!! This was before our 9 hour flight even began. I was about ready for a refund and drive back home at that point. Once we got up in the air though, Colton took a nap, played, looked at books, took another nap-- and I watched 4 excellent movies :)
We arrived in New York, and of course, we missed our flight. My cell phone worked though- which was wonderful!! We got vouchers for a hotel/meal-- too bad it took us a couple of hours to get through customs and to our hotel, and by that point it was 3 A.M. Germany time (9 P.M. in new york). We fell asleep for 4 hours and were back up at 2 A.M. New York time to get on our next flight, which Colton slept for the first 3 1/2 hours of-- so I can't complain :)
Sylke was ready to go out on the town in New York because it was her first time there, but I was all about going to bed. We did get to stop in a souvenir shop so she got to pick out a few things before we lefT!

Colton on the New York- SLC flight. Dang-- he was tired. Too bad he took up the entire row!

The day after we arrived we took Sylke SHOPPING! And Shopping she did :)

We also made a stop at good old Cafe Rio!

Sylke got a salad!

At Cafe Rio I noticed Colton wouldn't really eat anything, and when we got home- same thing. This is NOT normal for my son who will put anything in his mouth at any time of the day. He started to get really tired and was sitting in my little brother- Tanner's - lap (facing him) All of the sudden he started throwing up in Tanner's lap- and yep- Tanner shoved him away! Poor little guy. So, we got him all cleaned up and he seemed happy. About 30 minutes later it came again. This time, A TON. We gave him a bath- and put him in a big old pink t-shirt so ALL of his pajamas wouldn't have puke on them and this time and he seemed better again. Well, there was a Third round of throw up and then he just sat there like he had no energy in the world. I thought this was going to be an all-nighter when all of the sudden he sat up and started giggling. He wiggled down onto the ground and for the next 2 hours ran around like a happy little camper! Talk about a trooper!

The next day we went to Tanner's basketball game and he did awesome, but we came home early because we were still exhausted from our journey....And my mom got sick!

And Colty was a little weak after his crazy night the night before!

So- Wednesday morning, we drove to the lovely Park City. We got to do some shopping in the outlets, and went and saw the town.

After we got home Wednesday afternoon, Sylke started feeling sick and throwing up, and a few hours later- I got the same thing!!! We were supposed to be headed to Idaho the next morning, so we just relaxed that morning trying to feel better before taking off to Idaho.
Well, we made it to Idaho and got to go out to eat at Texas Roadhouse-- even though we both hadn't eaten anything that day. Those rolls still tasted SOO good!
Here are my nephews- Kudter and Kache, they loved seeing Colton!

The next day we showed Sylke around the town! And then went out for dinner with the girls at Chilis!!!
Sylke, Mikkel, Abby, and I

Here is the whole gang-- with Matt's dad joining on the girl party :)

Mikkel has a game called Just Dance, on the Wii. Greatest game ever!! We played it for hours!

Sylke riding the horseS!

Later than night- Matt's parents both starting feeling sick (and brother and sister and law)- and got the same thing we all got...talk about contagious? Colton must have gotten something bad on the airplane!
Something I have been looking forward to was going to an ISU basketball game. Obviously, it's not the same as when Matt played- but definitely still worth it to watch the guys he used to play with and to see everyone!
Lisa Kinghorn came with her daughter, Ella, who is 6 months old! Soo cute!

All the girls again!

I have always loved all of Matt's old coaches wives and it was soo good to see them again! 2 of them are expecting babies in the summer--all girls!

Dinner at the Stucki's before headed home

Sylke had to get the Welcome to Utah picture :)

Sylke also learned how to bake "American Style"

On her last day, we took a tour of SLC. It was almost 50 degrees and Sunny- so nice! That night we were able to go to a Utah Jazz game, and they were playing The Mavericks with their very own Dirk Nowitski (from Germany). We tried to figure out a way for Sylke to meet him, but it didn't work out :( We did get to sit down close while Dirk ran out and Sylke snapped some pictures!
The Jazz won, so we were happy, and Dirk played well as usual- So Sylke was happy too!

It was so fun having Sylke here with us since she has shown me so much of her life in Germany, it was fun to show her a bit of our life in America!


Stacy said...

Wow! Sounds like you've had quite an adventure. Sorry to hear that everyone got so sick. Enjoy the rest of your time home. Thanks for all the pictures!

LP & TP said...

I'm so HAPPY you are in USA. The flight is so dreadfully long but so worth it huh? (:
I'm sure Matt misses you two like crazy. How long are you staying? I leave Croatia Feb. 17th for the big USA 4 a couple of weeks. I'm so so so so so excited. If your still there maybe we could meet up!?! That would be so fun! TAKE CARE LADY!

Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Sorry you all got sick but I am glad you are having a good time other than that! I hope to see you before you leave. I was bummed you didn't make it up to Idaho Falls. Can't wait to see you!

Cindy said...

i'm glad sylke got to come too. it's always fun to see your world through someone else's eyes. sorry everyone was so sick! no fun at all.

Abby said...

Chels...I'm so glad you got to come! It was just so fun to see you and hang out with you! I'm glad that Sylke got to come too since she takes such good care of you in Germany! I just think you are the best! Thanks for including me in your time here and hopefully Ill see ya again before you leave!

Winters said...

Hey itwas so good to see even if it was for just a few minutes hope you made it home okay let us know when you will be back again!

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