Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We're Baaaack...

The flight back was as good as it could have been I suppose.

I did have quite a bit of good luck come my way though...

Colton was running a fever for 2 days straight before we left, and the morning we were headed to the airport- no fever :) Just a cough/stuffy nose!

When we got to the airport there were about 300 people in line ahead of me- all trying to figure out their cancelled flights from Atlanta. We asked a bunch of people if I could move to the front or I was going to miss my flight, but they kept saying Sorry! Finally, we found the right person who led me to the front of the line ahead of everyone 45 minutes before my plane took off!

I had the ONLY open seat on the 8 hour flight from New York to Berlin- So Colton didn't have to sit in my lap the entire way! And he slept the first 6 hours :)

There was a wonderful lady on my plane who held Colton when I went to the bathroom, and even walked around with him towards the end of the flight to give me a break :)

Anyway- I was a little nervous about flying alone with Colton- but my prayers were answered and everything worked out just fine!!

Going home was great, I loved being with family/friends, eating some of my favorite foods, and watching some of my favorite shows :) I think I missed Matt waaaay too much though.

Here are a few pictures from my trip ( I was SOO bad at taking pictures while I was home)

The whole family eating at Fudruckers :) with Mikkel. Greatest hamburger place- even though I get chicken!

Colty with his grandpa Clair playing in the snow

Colton with his cousins Kudter and Kache riding the sled

At my parents house with his buddy Shadow- he would say Shadow (ok-he tried to say Shadow) while he would sneak some food to her.

My mom is such a very creative woman. Every Valentine's Day, she makes a "red dinner" Everything we eat is red, or on red plates, with red cups...etc. She made this cute display of red velvet cupcakes to go with it :)

My brother Travis is not living at home, he is away at school. Tyson was wearing his Jako shirt the day Travis came home for the "Red Dinner" and Travis happened to be wearing it too- so I told Tanner to go put his on so we could have a Jako shirt picture- even though I actually don't have one!

It was a fun night, after our dinner, my mom bought the Wii game "Just Dance" and we all went downstairs and danced the night away..haha.
I loved being home and having Colton meet all of his family! Last time we were home he couldn't walk, talk (not that he talks a WHOle lot now), or even hardly recognize a lot of them- so it was fun seeing how different he interacted with everyone!
Thanks for letting me come spend a few weeks with you all! :)

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Taylor and Lyndsi said...

Glad you had such a great time at home and that your traveling went smoothly! Sorry we didn't get to get together while you were here. I was hoping to see you! We will post pictures of our little girl this weekend! They are inducing me tomorrow! Whoo hoo!

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